South Carolina State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Ones that are not opened minded and just think bad of the school, as well as ones that are lazy and is all about the parties and not their college education.


I can't really state a type of person that shouldn't attend this school. This is a great school with alot of opportunities and will help you every step of the way to pursue your future.


Someone who cant deal with a lot of people that are black. Someone who is used to things getting done on time and right.


If you plan to attend South Carolina State just for parties then this school, or any college or university is not for you.


The kind of person that shouldn't be at South Carolina State University is person who is lazy and who does not want to succeed in their college career.




A person who is not self motivated and does not know how to balance a busy extra curricular and social life with academic responsibilites should not go to his school because there is always something to do.


There are no discriminations on people who want or would like to attend SCSU. We accept each and every race. It doesn't matter all that matter is that if its education that you are looking for, we'll try our best to provide and meet your needs. The only thing that can hold a person back is their own prefence on the school. If for any reason an individual doesn't like the surroundings, people, or if the system isn't moving as fast as they would like than that's a different story. Everyone is more than welcome!


The type of person who is likely to get depressed or is not willing to try new things.