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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The transition from high school to college is a huge one, one that people may say is the most important in ones life. When you get to college it is time to be anyone you want, and that could be someone totally differenent that you were in high school. As opposed to high school, college is a place where you can truly be yourself. Be whoever you want to be and be the best at it that you can be. Be friends with whoever you want, without having to worry about being popular or unpopular. Go after whatever major excites you and strive to do your very best. However, there will be many things trying to pull your attention; friends, school work, jobs, possibly sports, greek life, parties, as well as other extracurricular activities. Prioritize what is important to you so you do not spread yourself too thin. But at the same time take each day as it comes, because after all you only get the freedom and impowerment that college brings once in your life, and it truly does go faster than you think so enjoy each day as it comes, for all your worries will pass.


'When you leave for college, have an open mind, have fun, but be smart. Stand your ground with people or they'll try to walk over you. And no matter what happens, stay determined, focused, prioritize, and take every positive advantage possible because greatness is in store for you. This is the time for you to find yourself; just have fun and live your life while staying focused."


Be great, and never give up!


Dear high school self, I just thought you could use some advice going into your freshmen year of college. First education is more important than you may think. Work first and party later. Get involved, be open to changes and meeting new people because your not a little kid anymore. College is going to show you how to really be on your own. It shows you that no one will care for you as much as you care for yourself and your parents will most definetly not be there to hold your hand. Grades are very important and can open the doors to scholarships and other great opportunities. Make sure you stay on top of your work and stop all that procastinating, it's going to hurt you in the long run. During the transaction you are going to be introduced to some new things, see things you have never seen before and do things you have never done but never make a permanent decision on temporary feelings. Lastly enjoy yourself. Experience life and live it to the fullest. Learn from your mistakes and when you fall down don't give up, get back up. Good Luck!


The best advice I could give would be to follow your dream and not sucumb to any peer pressure, since it is after all your life and your the one living it. Not only that, but it's important to keep a good attitude and look at the broader picture in order for you to realize the importance of practical work. I would also note to heed the advice of others; however since it is ultimately your own decision, it is critical that you make a logical choice based off your best interests. Since time is valuable, and so is effort, it would be wise to keep these points in mind, so that you are better prepared for your path in the future.


Knowing what I know now about the college life and making the big transition, if i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, advice I would give myself is to stay focused and dont let that College party life get the best of you. Being a college Freshman there were parties almost every night. Most nights I had to tell myself "No, Youre not going"! because it can be tempting especially when all your friends are out and haveing fun. Also, Dont let anyone or anything get in the way of your studies. Keep your mind set on what you are truly in college for, which is strictly Education!


If I was given the chance to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to work hard and stop being so lazy because it will only help him in the long run to become more prosperous and to make him a better man.


If I could go back to high school to talk to myself as a senior, I would tell myself to apply for the summer school program to get ahead in my field. I would've told myself to make sure I did all the things I needed to get registered on time for school done earlier than I did. I would also advise myself to visit the school, learn the buildings, and talk to my advisor more. Another thing I would've done was tell myself to apply for scholarships earlier than I decided to start.


Stay in school and learn as much as you possibly can.


As a child, my parents always reminded me to aspire towards my future and somewhere along the way, I would find my true self. My parents always took care of my responsibilities, but now I know that "somewhere along the way" was surely a phrase to describe college. If I could have given myself advice as a high school senior, it would have been to learn time management. The first day of college, nobody was there to wake me up by 8:00 a.m. or remind me to begin my studies before 10:00 p.m. High school had a fixed schedule; however, in college, there are fewer assignments which are graded with heavier weighted averages. I was going to be held accountable to work with study groups and take advantage of tutoring on campus. I had to create my study schedule and determine how I was going to manage my time to amount to my full academic potential. Adjusting to college life was not easy, but I am glad that "somewhere along the way", I have proven myself to be an intelligent woman who has managed to earn a 4.0 G.P.A. after first semester.


I would have contiuned my education than rather then trying to go back. Once you begin a family you have more priorities, more bills . I myself have been trying to return to school for 20 years and every time you think you might be able to take a class something comes up and there goes the money you put aside. I work full time, so I decided to get a part time job to pay for my school . That did not work, the economy fell and my husband income dropped down to a 1/3. To add to that my son was getting ready to go into the EMT course . It has been a tough 4 years. So I added on another job (2 part time jobs & 1 full time). Last year I worked on the average of 70hrs a week and went to school finished the year with 4.0 GPA. I am currently in college I received a scholarship from The AWBA , which I am so greatful for. The transition was hard at first going back to school after 20 yrs, but it is one of the best choices I have made in my life. Denise Garzone


SCSU did an excellent job of helping me to transition into college. If I had to give myself one piece of advice, it would be to develop better study habits beyond completing homework assignments.


look kid i understand your having fun with your friends and not putting your best foot foward in your classes because you know the material in the class, but listen to these words and take heed to what i tell you. In college its a totally different story, there is no room for reclass mistack and error the day you step foot on campus and your parents say thier final goodbye, you have now entered the adult world what ever take place this day foward you can only blame no one else but self. All documents that your comfortable with throwing away in highschool is not going to benift you in the college world, no staff member is responsible to any important papers that are in your possesion you must have proof for all documents that you claim to have turned in which means make copies and get them stamped by the university. Honestly this kind of change is not over night so start now while you stil have the chance.


There is so much advice I would give myself if I could go back in time. One thing I would tell myself would be to try harder in school and make the best grades that you possibly can. My school offered a program where your senior year you could take college classes for free at Madisonville Community College and I would make myself take them. Another thing I would make sure to stress to myself would be APPY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS. When I graduated I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to college becuase no one in my family had ever been. College life is very stressful especially when you are trying to make the best grades you can as well as work to pay the bills. I would stress to myself that I don't get financial aid so I need to do all I can to get done as fast as I can and apply for scholarships. That basically sums up what I would tell myself if I could go back in time which I wish I could.


I would tell myself to stay focus, study hard and take your grades more serious. Do your homework because every bit will count. I would also tell myself to work and save up money anytime I can for school, just in case there is a lack of money down the line. I would prepare myself for the college life better. I would always remember that enough is never enough. More is always better. Take your time and hold your head up high. Believe in yourself. You are capable to do anything that you set your mind to. Chose your friends wisely. Not every one you come across is your friend. Keep god 1st because he will get you through many days. Days when you feel like the world is on your shoulder and your in this world alone. It's okay to have a social life. But as long as your social life doesn't effect your studies. Life is what you make it! So give it all you GOT!




In college i've got to experience the chance of meeting new people and being in a different environmet. I've learned to appreciate education more because of the fact that I have to pay for it now. With this experince i've had the opportunity to gain a higher education of learning and sundry study methods. It has been valuable to attend this school because it has helped me to grow into a more mature and responsible young adult.


I have learned that college is a life choice either you choose to go or you dont go . Everyone is not college materials and some people are there just because their parents made them attend college. I have also learned that every person on a college campus who says they want to help or their going to help you is not really going to help you have to find things out on your own. I chose to attend college beause no one in my family has even completed high school, and some of my family hasn't made it past the third grade. I saw the need to show them that someone in the family plans to do something with their life. I also havve to make a way for my son to show him that being a dropout leads to drugs,alcohol,and other dangerous activites. I wanted to be the one to show him that life can be grat with a good quality education.


I learned a lot about the different people in the world. I was able to experience what its like to be a serious student athlete becasue collegiate sports are not easy; especially when having to keep up a certain GPA to maintain a scholarship. Thi salso taught me time management. Its been a valuable experience because I have met people at school that I will be friends with forever and will always be connected to. I had the chance to be apart of a wonderful sorority and I love my sorority sisters. With them I was able to experience a whole new bond that I dont think I would have ever gotten. My undergrad college experience has been great and Im sad that in May it will be over with. But on to the next part of my life graduate school. I hope I can continue to meet lifelong friends and learn more about the world around me.


I have not only been educated in the Electrical Enginnering field, but I have also learned to pace myself through a heavy work load, plan for upcoming events, and better communication skills with working professionals and professors.


From my college experience, I have learned to be more out there than being shy and afraid otherwise I won't get anywhere in life if I am shy and quiet. I've learned better communication skills in a more professional manner. I think communication is really important because in every career, especially journalism, there is some sort of communication involved. College has expanded my knowledge of what we have to face, which is reality. It's very valuable to attend college because it gives us the ability to become who we want to become and be what we want to be. As college students, we can expand the future with our abilities and creativity. College gives us the advantage to show the world what we can do and how we can help improve the economy, for example, the environment, or technology.


I have gain friendship. I have learned to be more responsible. I have learn to do things on my own. I is valuable to attend because it is important to have a college education.


Out of my college experience i've gotten valuable friendships that will last a lifetime as well vast knowlege of many different thigs throughout my courses. College life has given me the oppurtunity to live and be a young adult and learn to live on my own and make my own decisions. To me thats everything.....


My college experience has brought me many things, some of which include knowledge, friends, and opportunities. The knowledge I have gained from college is not only book knowledge even though it is very important. While in college I learned a great deal from school and an equal amount in everyday life .in a sense it has helped me become a responsible adult. College has allowed me to experience many people while some will come and go. I have also met people who are going to stay in my life for a very long time. I have also met a plethora of people that have the ability to show me opportunities that I would not likely have been able to find without them. College has pushed me to become greater in many ways, for example being in class every day on time, rationing my time for home work, and my personal life. It has shaped me into a better person bad will continue to do so I feel college has allowed me to better myself and soon the world will see that.


So far, I have gained a lot out of my college experience. College is so different from high school. I have had to learn to become completely independent. This has made me a stronger person. I manage my money and my time all on my own. I've also become a more responsible person. College teachers are not as easy on students as in high school. When they assign work, it is either do it, or fail. They don't baby students. Also, being in a community college I have become friends with a larger variety of people, particularly of older ages. These older people are able to give me reliable advice about living in the "real world." Becoming stronger, more responsible, and being introduced to more diverse people has made attending college very valuable to me.


I have gotten alot out of my first year in college. Some of the most memorable things are ROTC, IMPACT, FRIENDS, and ME!! Doing my freshman year of college I am enrolled in the Army Rotc program. This program is so much fun. It gets me prepared to go into the Army when I get commissioned my senior year of college. Throughout this program we went though training excersies that were that were fun and hard at the same time. Also thoughout college I attend Impact which is like a group of college students that are on fire for GOD!! That was an expierence that I will not forget because it was very moving. My friends and took a random roadtrip to Florida which was cool and we just go site seeing around town. The number one thing that I got out of college is finding myself. I make my own decisions and I pretty much grew up! I found out what being on my own really was about and how to use time management to set which things are important. I learned how to balance books, fun, and friends while still setting God first in my life!!!!


If I currently were a high school senior faced with the decision of an educational path, I would want to be more active throughout my college experience. I have found that those who actively participated in academia and extracurricular activities are advantaged to acquiring a network of life-long friends and colleagues. The ability to adapting to change is also much easier to handle. Focus is placed on making one a well-rounded individual during the college life experience. No matter the circumstances and conditions, one who has cultivated interpersonal skill sets during the college life are better able to handle various transtions throughout life.


I would first of all tell myself to know myself, to make sure that I knew my goals and what I wanted to accomplish. I would tell myself to sit down and think about what it was that I was passionate about, how I wanted to make a difference in the world, and then I would ask myself how would my school be able to assist me in that? I would let me know that it's important not to expect the school to make you who you will be in the future but to let it help mold the basis that you've made for yourself. Your professors are there to guide you and not to piggyback you there. Your school can only do as much for you as you let it. You are the key factor in your success.


If I could go back and time and give myself advice I would tell myself to keep with college. Work hard and you will make something of yourself. Watch out for getting into the wrong crowd and as hard as it may be keep with it. In the long run you will be happier and you will feel like you have accomplished more. Focus on school and listen to your parents instead of being so concerned with having fun. Even in times of poor health just keep with school even if you need to complete it from home it is better to have an education than to have no education at all.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior I would have told myself to learn better time management skills. Since I have begun my freshman year of college I have discovered that it is harder to pull an all-nighter because I have waited until the last minute to complete a paper or project. There are more technicalities involved with time in college, because there is more and more at stake with each passing class. I would have warned myself to never get to the point where all that is left to do is cry. Cry for lack of time and lack of focus. I would say, "It is not like high school , no one is responsible for your success or failure but you." If only I could have received this letter a year ago I believe I would be making better use of my time now.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would study very hard and take more college prep courses in high school to really prepare me for the college experience. I really want to achieve on a very, very high level in college and excel in all of my classes. I would spend more time studying very hard and less time watching TV , videos and texting. I would listen more to my mother, when she tells me to turn off the TV, and read more, because when you enroll in college, you will spend a lot of time reading and listening.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making transitions there are several different types of advice I would give myself. The first one would be to not play around. Another one would be always turn your work in on time, try your best with everything you do. Also I would tell myself to always be to class on time and if I am confused about a subject do not be afraid to ask questions because you?re the one who is going to have to pass the test. The last thing I would tell myself is to be serious about my education because my mother and father will not be there in college to help me like they were when I was a high school senior, it will be up to me to do the right thing. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about the college life that is what I would say to myself.


If I could be a high school senior the first thing that I would do is talk to my counselor. I would ask her if the professors care about the students like in high school. I would also ask her for tips to getting high grades for my exams. I would tell myself that every grade counts when it's time to graduate. I would aggravate myself by stop procrastinating and do as many applications for grants and scholarships. The advice will help me get more prepared for the emotional and stressful journey to college.


I would tell myself to make sure that I fill out plenty of scholarships and the FASFA. I will do better with my time mangement. I will study hard. I will work out more. I will make financial plans for the next school year. And to make sure that I choose the right people to hang around. I will make sure that I will not let what others say hurt me. I would make sure that I do not hurt the people I love the most. I would make sure that i ahve a job ,to help my parents pay for my tuition. I would make better choices. I would make sure that I would a better person than, so that im even better now. That would be the advice that I would give to myself.


I would tell high school student to stay focused and do not forget the reasons you are in school. Keep your priorities straight and in line. I would also say to take school seriously and it is not a joke, that this is your future. You will have all the playing time and partying when you getout of school. Do not let friends and/or family get in the way of your dreams. All it takes is a made up mind.


The First advice i would like to give to a high school senior about college is to stay focus. There are many things around you (including people) that you influence you to pay attention to things less important. Also set goals for yourself, make a list of things you would like to accomplish, that way you will have a clear idea of the things you want to achieve. In addition, make sure you are prepared academically and financially. Those two concerns can really stress you out and another barrier to make you lose focus. And when picking a school make sure you do your research before applying..check the graduating stats, tuition,majors,academic requirements,scholarships and different criterias that fit you. Also location is a major key, make sure is some place you can see yourself living or traveling.


Try to get involved on campus. Your courselaod along with extra-cirricular activities may seem like its too much, but keep on perservering.


The advice that I would give myself is always put my best foot forward concentrate on the important things and leave the small things behind. I only have one chance to improve my life style knowing I came from a family that didn't have a lot of money. I should have worked very hard for every possible scholarship that was out there in order to succeed in life and college. I would have change the people who influence me in a bad way and improve my study habits and put what was important first which was my career. I would have said, its not all about being a Delta, but getting my education and making sure that my college life would have been better then what it was. Life would have been more better and I wouldn't had to have struggle through high school or college. People often say life is just a dream, but I saw more and could have had more but instead I chose the life a sororities instead of my education.


Going back to when it was time to take my SAT I would tell myself "prepare better for this test ; you may not realize now but this score varies whether or not you get enough finacial aid. I would coach myself on better organization skills write more essays for scholarships and I would stress to myself that saving money from work is highly needed now because I am not eligible for finacial aid other than a 1,400 dollar state scholarship that barely covers books and lab fees. I then would also stress the importance of staying focused because college life is not easy.


do your research and choose wisely. take a visit


If I could go back in time and give myself advice on college life what would I say? Well, I would first start out on telling myself that college is way different from high school. Then I would go on to say that your professors are not there to hold your hand or be your friend. They are there to teach you and it's your job to make sure that you get what's being taught. I would also tell myself that mommy and daddy are not there at school to make sure you get up in the morning and go to class, no matter how many times they say they're going to call you to wake you up. I would also tell myself choose your friends wisely, because people just don't look at you they look at the company you have along with you. The next thing I would tell myself is to have fun, but to also know when to have fun and who to have fun with, because the world is dangerous. The last thing l'd tell myself is to always be postive no matter what, then no one will bring you down.


If I could go back to college I would do it all Over


I would first advise them to put their all into their school work. I would let them know that college life is very different from high school. I would lt them know that their future is in their hands and that it is up to them to become a success.


Make sure that they offer the major/minor that it is that you want to study, also make sure that it is some place that you feel most comfortable around with the enviornment and the people around you.


My advice foe college is to be discourage by negative people.Try to avoid people like that. Put your education first and try to maintain a good grade point average and try to put in many voulenteer work or extra activity so that it can increase your chance in getting more scholarship money. For the parents i would say always keep in contact with your kids. Checkup on them, becuase you may think that they don't like it but they actually do. Keep up with their money account so you they won't abuse their money.


Remember that you are a student first! Anything is possible with dedication, hard work, and faith.


I would suggest that parents begin counseling their children as early as ninth grade with discussions of majors, financial assistance, and availiablity of their child's prospective majors at the university choices. The cost of college fees are so expensive now that students don't have the resources to be uncertain of what they want to pursue in college. They should then research the majors at prospective colleges and the percentages of placement in the areas that their children are looking at pursuing.


Finding the right college is best through experience tour the college and if you see a huge smile on your childs face and they jusdt cantstop talking about that college then thats the one. Also take advantage of every experience cause college years only happen once and when they are over they are over. Enjoy the time and get to know yourself which is the most important part of this time in your life.


Please do as much research on the school as possible, dont just go by word of mouth or other peoples opinion. Do a campus visit, call the school and talk to your advisor, and make sure you talk to your career counslor. Make sure your financial aid is taken care of before you start the semester. Go to a school thats good for you, dont just go to a college to have fun. Think about the long run because you dont want to be stuck some where that isnt doing anything for your future. Make sure its a serious college and the teachers are serious. You dont want to be waisting your money for an education thats not guna help you in the real world. Find a way to balance your social life and school, dont become to overwhelmed. And remember to do as much research as possible.


The best advice that I could give parents and students about finding the right college would be to make their choice for the right reasons. It would be unwise to select a school based soley on reputaiton or because of a program such as the band or the football team. My advice for students on making the most of their college experience would be to take chances and try new things. As young people transitioning into the adult world, many opportunities will present themselves that were not available in high school. Take advantage of them, but at the same time, learn to balance between social life and classwork.