South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its engineering programs. It is very well known among recruiting companies. Many students participate in internships and coop programs. A majority of graduating students already have job offers waiting for them upon graduation.


My school is best known for the high quality scientists and engineers that go through this institution. It also i connected with the new underground lab being built in the old Homestake Mine of South Dakota bringing many researchers to the school.


South Dakota School of Mines and Technology is known for its quality education. It has a wide variety of degrees in science and engineering. The school has a high rate of job placement for graduates.


Our school is best known to challenge you. Our school will push you to do your best in order to have a great future with an amazing job.


This school is best known for its reputation. Graduates of this school typically have a job waiting for them as soon as they walk off the stage. The South Dakota School of Mines gives students the most value of quality of education versus cost of any college I know. It is also one of America's top 100 College Buys.


SDSM&T is best known for the accredidations. The job placement rate is very high, and it is always possible to get an internship in the summers, and coops are available too.


SDSMT is known for it's ability to train individuals to become not only hardworking and intelligent engineers, but it also helps these individuals learn how to work effectively and efficiently with others as well.