South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Top Questions

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The greek life are not class based twats, they're friendly and open and in no way elitist.


What makes this school unique is the location. The Black Hills are extrodinary, and the other schools I was considering were just in regular cities. Also this school is extremely academically orientated, focused on schooling and prepping for the work world with little to no parties compared to other schools who get the "College Experience" full of partying and attending sporting events. This is also one of the few Tech. colleges where you can get a quality engineering degree. To me this is the biggest differenece between SDSMT and other schools.


What's unique about my school, is that you could be the sharpest tool in the toolcase and still not pass. This school is based off of hard work and the grades will reflect that. This is not a "show up for the test" school, where the cocky smart kids pass with no effort. This is an attendance and homework school. It's different, it's thorough, and the kids are really motivated. It motivates me in turn, which is a feat if I ever heard one.


The school is small and most of the classes are small, except some freshman classes. It does not cost nearly what soem of the other engineering univesities cost to attend. The school has a lot of opportunities for internships and you will have endless opportunities when you graduate.


Very technical, very career oriented.


SDSM&T is unique because of the atmosphere that it potrays. Everyone here is very comfortable to be who they are. There is a very studious air about the campus, but also you can tell people have a lot of fun here. You can always find people playing video games or magic or hanging with friends in the hallways. It is the people who come here. They are "affectionally" geeky and nerdy. Other schools just didn't have this type of draw.


It is a wonderful tech school in the black hills so there is a lot of out door sports that is really fun to experience.


SDSM&T provides for a rigorous academic experience providing for multiple opportunities of Co-ops, internships, and labs throughout the time spent here. They prepare students for their field of study and provide multiple different resources for job placement, such as the two career fairs hosted in the fall and spring semesters. In addition, the faculty truly holds education as their number one priority. One such example, department chair for chemical and biological engineering, Dr. Winter teaches a freshman introductory course. This shows me the dedication the school has for the teaching of the students.


The campus is a lot smaller than the other schools that I was interested in. It only takes about five minutes to get across campus. A small campus means less students which in turn means more interaction with your professors and fellow students. There is an easiness about this campus even though it is very competitive in nature. You get to know your professors well and their always just a phone call away.


The school is very focused on academics and the teachers are always there to help thier students.


We are in the top 5 percent of Engineering school in the nation


This school is a bargain. You get a good solid engineering and science education without the large cost of other universities. Since this school is almost purely engineering almost everyone here is in the same boat as you. That means we all work together to get things done and we are cohesive in that way.


SDSM&T is a small school that has a variety of Engineering & Science degree's available.