South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Dorm rooms hands down. My roomate and I live in a 8 x 12 box. Its very hard for two girls to cram everything in that small of a space. We have communal bathrooms that never work. Our closet space is minnimal. Our air conditioning doesn't even work.


The worst thing about this school that I found was that there is break down in communication. I did not live in SD prior to coming to school here. I was trying to have my questions answered and I it was almost painful trying to get information from them. My roommate, who lives in state, did not have this problem. I believe that there was some problems this year with the state going broke. After I came to the school communication imporved.


The worst thing about my school is that the majority of my classmates are really smart. This is both good and bad, but I often don't feel as smart when I talk with my classmates about school and things going on in the engineering community.


To me, the worst thing about my school is the size. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology is a relatively small school with only about 2000 students. The reason I do not like this is because it is about the same size as my high school was. I always wanted to go to a big school with huge lecture halls but instead decided to come to this smaller but more specialized school. While I am still enjoying my college experience here at the School of Mines I just wish there was more to experience.


I would say that the worst thing about the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology is the size. It is a very small campus with a much smaller student body when compared to its sister schools and a bigger campus/student body is sometimes appealing.


Cliches are very strong here


A large amount of the students that go to school here are guys. This contributes less to the diversity.


Be wary that as an engineering school the ratio of men to women is very high. More women have been coming to the school recently but we are still heavy on the guys. So this isn't exactly the hottest dating scene around.....for men that is. The women here get to take their pick.


The worst thing about my school is probably the unavailability of some buildings for studying. I'd like more tables in the halls for students to sit at between or before classes.