South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known first, that I would rekindle old friendships, so I could have planned to better prioritize my time. South Dakota is a very antisocial state, so I was hoping I could do my studies, have my pet projects and not deal with people. It's a good thing I was wrong, however, I rather like these friendships. Secondly, I wish I had known I'd have to actually work to get good grades. I've been so used to not having to try it's become a bad habit.


I personally visited the school before I transferred but while I was there I made sure to ask everything that was on my mind regarding the school. I asked about the program for the my major, student activities, and financial aid. I also asked what type of internships were available through the school, and the statistics of students who graduated from the school such as what percent was employed in the field as soon as they graduated, the average wage and where they were being hired. One thing I encourage is to ask for a tour.


The talent that I had for math and science paled in comparison to the advanced courses. The first semester I was able to pass classes with minimal effort. The second semester, this changed considerably. My expectations were lowered by the early courses, leading to a lack of work ethic for the later classes. I wish I had been aware of the difficulty curve ahead of time.


I wish I had known the importance of joining an organization or club on campus to have a better opportunity to meet people with common interestes.


The school I am attending is very competitive in academics and extra-curricular activities. They have many organizations that help us, the students, become professionals within the job setting. They have increased academic demands and will not accept failure. I wish I had known more of the great on campus organizations and that they hold career fairs for all students no matter what your status. If i had known this I would have been building my resume up over the summer months before freshman year, bt there is always time to do that.


I wish I had received better guidance on how to plan ahead for classes. However the school is demanding and challenging, therefore the course load tends to vary student to student. It is important to learn time management skills early on. It took me a year before I had a set schedule and was able to prioritize accordingly. My grades and overall college satisfaction improved immensely once I knew exactly what I wanted.


The actual amount of school work I would be doing.


I wish I had been better prepared by my HS math department for Calculus.


what classes to sign up for to graduated on time


how much homework there is