South Dakota State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


South Dakota State University is full of opportunities, friendly faces, and a good learning environment.


SDSU is an agriculturally based school that offers a variety of other career options such are pre-nursing and pre-pharmacy.


Its a smaller college located in the midwest that is very academically oriented.


SDSU is on the cutting edge of what larger school have attained. The school is still in the phase of adding new majors to adjust to our growing economy. Class sizes are small which allows for one on one attention at least once per class period.


SDSU is known for their athletics, agricultural programs and clean environment.


A place that academically prepared me for the greatest profession on earth, nursing.


South Dakota State University prepares students for the job world by providing the perfect learning environment with state of the art equipment and passionate professors.


SDSU is a very friendly, welcoming institution that encourages learning and acedemic achievement while still providing opportunities for students to meet new people and be involved in non-acedemic activities, all while developing a sense of who you are and what you want to do in your future career.


South Dakota State University is dedicated to helping students become successful now and in their future career, and offers small class sizes and a faculty that want the students to do well.


My school gives me an excellent education while keeping the midwestern work ethic and friendliness.


South Dakota State University is a Division 1 top raked, agricultural and science based majors.


SDSU has a nice campus in Brookings and through their shared program at The University Center in Sioux Falls and has many great programs.


SDSU is very welcoming and the faculty is very willing to assist with questions regarding classes and advising.


SDSU's campus is situated in the heart of a thriving city with plenty of activities, on- and off-campus to keep students busy year-round.


SDSU is a great place to gain an education in today's economy.


South Dakota State University is a school that has the oppurtunities for an exciting social life as well as a excellent education.


SDSU is a fairly balanced school where faculty and staff are greatly involved in the learning process.


Acedemics meets party


A fun friendly place for learning.


South Dakota State is a very friendly place. You will get the degree you want while making friendships that last forever! You can go anywhere from here!


my school somewhat artist and very international and it cost less to attend this school.


SDSU is friendly college that is not too big but not too small and is a great place to start a career in whichever field you want to pursue.


Up and coming, growing faster than the school can keep up. You have to work for your grade but the teachers are very helpful and resourceful and offices hours are very open. Great school spirit!