South Dakota State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are diverse and from all over the world; the school is too big to be stereotyped or fit into a specific category.


I have yet to attend classes (I start this fall), but I imagine that many of the students pursuing the same degree as me are in the same life situation- older student returning to school for an education.


My classmates at South Dakota State University, are friendly and easy to get along with.


They have good intentions but most are stubborn.


A family that supported eachother through some of the most challenging times of our lives.


Most of them are really nice, quiet and otherwise keep to themselves if they don't know anyone, while others are there to get the attendence points and not pay attention.


My classmates at SDSU are kind, courtious, and hard working people that will go out of their way to help their peers.


Most of my classmates are teens who do not know what they really want out of life. I feel this way because at 18, who really knows what they want out of life. If it was up to me, every 18 year old should wait one year before going to school or serve in the military before attending school. This way they will have a little life experiance. I feelthis would bring up the maturaity level in schools, and would also raise the academic achievement levels.


Students at SDSU are very accepting and willing to meet new people, always ready to get involved and to help out fellow students with homework and personal issues, and will be friends for life.


They are a diverse group from different ages, race, and backgrounds.


My classmates are dedicated people that are in college to learn and to make something of themselves once they leave college.


My classmates here are very supportive, nice, and very well rounded.


Most of them are easy going, hard working, and trustworthy people, but there are still the worthless drunks who we have yet to figure out why they are in college.


My classmates are one giant family that cares about the people around them like we all are really related.


My classmates mainly have farming backgrounds, but there are many foreign students and city kids also.


SDSU students are very welcoming to others and willing to open their doors to others of different backgrounds.


A lot of them are farmers and ranchers


Fun and exciting.


In most classes my classmates are optimistic and helpful.


My classmates can be serious but most of the time they are fun-loving to alleviate stress and lighten the moment but they show respect to others and the professors.


My class mates are for the most part intent on finishing their degrees and finding good jobs in the next few years.


My classmates are the outdoors, hunting and active type.


The students here are mostly white, christian, and alcoholics.