South Dakota State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Since South Dakota State University is a landgrant college, some of the aspects it is best known for is the pride we take in our agricultural college. It has great opportunities for students to keep up with and learn more about what we love and may have grown up with. We are also well known for our professional college. SDSU offers many fields that ready our students for professional school after undergrad. One last big aspect SDSU is known for is the opportunities it offers. Know matter what you are interested in, there is always a place for everyone.


My school is best known for its agricultural program.


South Dakota State University it best known for its excellent animal research facilities and producing students that excell in the areas of animal research. SDSU is also well known for its sports teams, Go Big Go Blue Go Jacks.




I'm new to the school starting Fall semester but I do know they are very well known for their Medical degrees that they offer.


I don't know, for me the school has always been there.


Our school is an agriculturally based school, but is also known for our engineering, nursing, and pharmacy programs.


South Dakota State University is best known for our health care fields such as Pharmacy and Nursing along with our Engineering School. We are highly ranked for both Pharmacy and Nursing.


Animal sciences, Ag Business/Ag Marketing, Wildlife and Fisheries, Biology, Agronomy, The school mascot is the Jackrabbit, It is a very well known school in the midwest for agriculture, Excellent research and undergraduate research opportunities. Friendly atmosphere for students and faculty, modern buildings and technical support. Wide variety of activites for students to do in there free time.


South Dakota State University (SDSU) is best known for its medical majors. Nursing has become very popular over the years and South Dakota State has one of the highest percentages of Nursing students who will most likely have a job before their graduation ceremony. Another thing that South Dakota State University is known for is the price to attend. SDSU has the lowest tuition in all of the schools in South Dakota. Their sports are well known but their main focus is based on the education of their students and being able to prepare them for the real world workforce.


The University of Central Oklahoma is best known for our education program. It is one of the best degree programs in the state of Oklahoma.


The dairy farmers


I think SDSU is best known for its learning atmosphere. The school really is set up for learning. The library is very useful for doing research, papers... The lecture halls are set up so that you can hear and see the contect well.


The Camponile located on campus or our mascot, the Jackrabbit.


SDSU is best known for it's unbeatable school spirit from both students and alumni.


We are well known for many things, hardworking , bright students, competative athletics, and compassionate involved students.


We recently moved up a division in football, to Division I in our area. Everyone thought we were going to be that easy team from small town South Dakota, then they played us. Everyone here has heart, grit and determination. We have higher expectations from growing up working all our lives in rural areas and it shows in our coursework and later in our careers. There is a reason kids from South Dakota are demanded across the country. We know how to work and do it right the first time.


South Dakota State in know for its agricultural and biological studies, along with there pre-professional, pharmacy, and nursing programs


South Dakota State University is known for there slogan,"You can go anywhere from here." And to me ti believe that to the core, and it does just that, we can go anywhere and that is why i came here.


Our school is best known for our alumni helping out our school, school spirit, and academic fields of Nursing and Engineering. Also, we are known for having the nicest students and faculty around.


An agricultural based school.


I feel our schools is best known for its schooling programs as well as school spirit. Our school is a very well known land grant university that has many research areas involved. We have very strong medical programs offered on campus as well as numerous other majors. I feel our school spirit is outstanding. When you attend a game, you are flooded with blue and gold jackrabbits. No matter what color or creed, in the stadium we are all jackrabbits.