South Dakota State University Top Questions

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South Dakota State University is one of the most affordable schools in the U.S. For it's unique price students can recieve a quality education from professors and learning communities who care. The university is also unique for its learning communities, meaning they put you in a community with other students who are studying similar things to you so that you are in almost all of the same classes and it is easier to make study groups.


I love watching all the new construction going up on campus, that makes me feel like we are both making progress. I love the idea of having SI sessions that reinforce the material that was covered in class. The "clickers" used in classes are also helpful to both the student and the instructor to get feedback on how the class is doing and to see if you as the student is understanding the material being presented.


SDSU is a very rural university with a strong emphasis on agricultural programming.


This school is very well known for their nursing program. What is unique is that I live 40 miles away from school and will never have to step foot on campus because I am taking all my class thru the University Center located in Sioux Falls, SD. I will also be able to complete my clinicals in the town I live in.


The school I am currently attending is much larger than the other schools I was considering attending, but with all of the extra people there are so many people with different backgrounds that you can interact with.


Accessible from my home.


The combination of size, location, and cost is the most unique characteristic of SDSU. The school enrolls 12,000 students in a 20,000 person town; it's the largest college in the state; it's the only Division One school in South Dakota; and it costs around ten thousand a year to be a full time student. The last unique characteristic of the school is the mascot: the jackrabbit. No other school in the country has that one!


COWBOYS. This school is filled with tem. We have so much focused on farming, agriculture, equestrian, and all those sorts of things. In any given class you'll see about 25% in cowboy hats and boots.


My school is unique in that the people who go here either love it or hate it. Most of the people who love it are from a small town in South Dakota and most of the people who hate it are from a bigger city. Our campus is kind of split down the middle. One side is for the farmers and cowboys and the other is for the athletes and preps.


It's small enough to feel like home, where you know someone on campus every five minutes, but still feels big enough that not everyone knows your business like my high school class of 75. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and while we don't have all the shopping of big cities, there is more than enough to live a simple college existence. Friends are easily made and you can't help but fall in love with the changing of each season.


I like how close the community is to the college.


One unique thing about SDSU is that it is an Agriculture based school so I got a real taste of the midwest when I came here!


Country Living




It is close to home!


Size is fairly large however, it is very easy to meet and get to know new people.


The atmostphere is extremely friendly even people you do not know will stop and say hello on their way to class or other activities.