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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


See a lot of colleges and pick the campus that feels right for you. Don't go where your friends are going and pick a school that is well-known for the major you want to pursue.


I would tell parents and/or students that they need to visit each school that they are looking at. The only way to know that a school is right is to just simply visit it. A student needs to feel comfortable at school and not overwhelmed. By visiting a school a student can decide if the campus is too big or not large enough. Also when a student visits a school they can find out different activities that are available such as different clubs and intramural sports.


Pick a place where you can go home every other weekend if you get homesick.


Parents and students should think a lot about their interests and values first and find colleges with the same interests and values. I also believe that they should look into what kinds of groups they could get involved with, for example college ministries if they are religious. Meeting new people with the same interests and values at my school has made it a much better experience here at college than I thought I would have. I have made better friends here than I have had all of my life combined. To me, friendships mean so much in getting the most out of a college experience. Not only will you have a good social life with the same values, but you will have a good support group that could help you with school and your personal growth.


GET INVOLVED and get involved early. You'll never regret it.


Let the students decide where they want to go. Students should break out of there shells and get invovled and meet new people....look outside of the box!




Look for the most naturally friendly feeling school. Also, look for a school with a decent look of progress happening, like they are moving forward with new and exciting ideas.


I would say to guide you child but do not make the decision for them. This is their future and their life. It is their time and may be their money that they are putting in. This is one of the most important decisions that they have to make. Pressure from parents to go to one place over another just makes the process that much more difficult and sometimes the student ends up going somewhere they do not want to. In the end they do not like the place, have no fun and don't make friends all because they were trying to please someone other than themselves. I am not saying to not put your input in when they are deciding on the college or university, they will need guidance. But just know where to draw the line and let them decide. Make them tell you why they think this school is the right fit for them. That in return makes them think about why and lets you see how important or unimportant a school is to them. Get involved and don't hold back. School will be what they make of it, so go for it, be happy.


You can make being only 30 minutes away from school as far away as you want. So don't let that bother you in making a decision about stay close, or going far away. But, don't be scared to go somewhere far away for college, even if you are really close to your family.. I went to a really close school, but wish I would have went to a bigger and more diverese school...


I would tell them to physically visit all of the schools and see which environments feel just right for them. Also, actually talk to faculty and students on campus to get a feel for the kind of people who attend the school. When sending in applications and other things to school, see how long it takes to get a reply, response, or help with your situation. Check out activities on campus, and see where businesses are located on and off campus for availability and location. All in all the person should feel welcome and comfotable around the school. Last but not least, definitely look at courses and try to decide on a major or decide which classes will help you best decide your career path. Maybe start by narrowing down schools by cost and financial aid opportunities. I myself struggle financially, so that would be a number one decision to make. Following these steps should give great direction in finding the perfect school.


Meet new people


Visit the college first. And if you really like the college then you should go to it. Even if its pretty expensive i'd say go for it. You should be at a place where you want to be if your paying for your education. Get out and meet people in the first week of the first and second semester. That's really important.


To find the right college my first suggestion is tour and look around. Do not go where your significant other or older sibling attended you have to find the university that best fits you and your future plans. Be picky with what you like, this will be your home for at least four years. If money and location is an issue be sure to gather all the financial information fro each school so you can make fair and accurate choices. Once you start your university experience get and stay involved. It is proven that students who are active in their community are more likely to succeed and better enjoy their college experiece. Not only that but it creates a social network for you as well as builds your resume. Though studying is a large part of college you can make it fun but joining study groups and quizzing your friends. Locking yourself in your room for hours every day will not make you motivated to do your homework. Try different things and settle into a routine. Just be sure to allow this routine to flex as college iss about trying new things and defining who you will be for life.


I chose SDSU because of the great price of in-state tuition, and to get away from my parents.


Don't worry about trying to find the right major right away. There is a lot of pressure to decide the rest of your life in a short time, but if you stress about that, you will not be able to think clearly about anything. Speak to your professors that you will be having before you take their classes. Also, if you are taking a class that stresses you to no end, I suggest trying to stick it out, but rethink your major. I struggled through two levels of a class and I was stressed the whole time just because I wanted the major that went along with the classes! BAD IDEA! Think about the career in the long run, go for the right reasons, (for example, not just salary).


Parents need to push their kids to go to college, but allow them to look into all their options. Parents need to make sure their kids are going to a school that they are happy with, not just because their parents wanted them to go there. Students need to look into colleges they are interest in, check out their campuses, and possibly even talk to a bit of faculty in their areas of interest. Things such as living quarters, class size, and availibilty of curriculm all difinitely need to be taken into consideration. Students need to put in the time and stay on top of their classes, because once you fall behind it is extermely difficult to catch up. It is allso very beneficial to be active in extra curricular groups or activities within their area of study. This allows students to meet others with common classes, as well as upper classmen who can give excellent advise to succeding in the field. Students need to be happy with what they are doing, or it will be very hard to succeed.


I feel there are a few vital points you need to look at when considering what university will be the best for you. The very first thing that should be considered is what programs are offered. If the student already is set on a major that would be the most important thing for them to find. If the school doesn't offer that specific program, then the best choice would be to look at other options. Secondly, the student needs to look at the size of the school. Size will play a huge role in your experience. The number of people can affect your learning and social life greatly. If you are somebody that doesn't like big groups then its important to find a smaller school. Also, its necessary that you take a tour of the campus before you make your final decision. The feel of the campus will let you know right away if you feel a part of it or not. It's so important that you feel at home on the campus and genuinely want to be there; you will be spending a lot of time there!


To the parents and students that are trying to find the "perfect" college or the one best-suited to their desires/wants I would say consider the dream college(s) of your future college student and assess the colleges with an open mind. Do not be stunned with the attached price tag but consider what the "savings" are and what the price of your hard-earned and saved buck really get. The savings are the extracurricalurs available, if there's a sports team they could try out for, a much-desired program is offered, and the scholarships they can apply for. Also, be realistic about the location of the school. It may be too far away and may not allow easy retreats to home. Lastly, the college experience is typified in movies and books but it's what you make of it and do that makes it truly an experience. Yes, drinking is the typical/preferred method but those moments are never truly remembered with absolute fondness and those friends usually drift away. Get out there, live, try a dream (or many) and meet incredible people who will leave changes not only in your heart but your soul as well.

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