South Dakota State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


In high school I went to school full time and maintained a 3.59 GPA, I worked part time at Sturgis Harley Davidson, and coached a traveling jumprope team for children 1st grade through 9th grade that prefored at workshops and half time at basketball games. And I was still able to apply for colleges my senior year.


The nursing program here at SDSU is so great! Very challenging but rewarding if you put effort and drive into your studies and choices. There are also always things to do here if you take the time, and it is a beautiful campus.


I brag to my friends not attending the school that there are some pretty cool and interesting classes at the school that aren't offered in any other schools in the state such as architecture which is a new program starting next fall


We invented: Cookies 'n' Cream ice cream, Briggs and Stratton motors and the scoreboard company, Daktronics, was founded by two SDSU professors. Also, that we have a great location near many great resources such as Wal-Mart.


I mostly brag about my job and the fact that I live a block away from campus and my rent is extremely cheap. This community is great for jobs for college students as well as off campus affordable housing.


The great times I have with my friends, and my classes.


I would brag about the support from not only your professors, friends, and coaches but the support the community gives to the school and its programs.


The small town life style at a division one school. The job placement percentage for my specific program of study. Oppurtunities in career options.


The fact that our school is more old fashioned and contains more food providers. The school contains a lot of people who know how to work hard and have their heads on straight to where they know what they are going to do with their life. People know how to have both social lives and still work on school work without jeapordizing their future. Plus, our school contains a ton of school spirit compared to most because of its small town living style. Everyone is family pretty much.


I usually tell them how nice the campus is and that there are so many people here that you are always meeting someone new. I also brag about how beautiful the campus is and how nice the wellness center is.


I brag about the awsome college ministries we have here on campus, also about how much fun it is to go to the games and other activities that we have on campus.




I tell tham how awesome it is to get to know so many new people and develop relationships that are going to last a long time, being accepted by a lot of people, and it is academically steady.


It's not to big of a college but its not that small. The proffessors seem like they actually care about you and your school work.


It is a great opportunity to meet people, and I am there