South Dakota State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I believe the worst thing about my school is the food served and the availability of it. There is not very many places on campus that serve healthy food. The places that do serve healthier food don't have very good hours. But for the people who truely wish to eat healthier, you have to make it yourself, which isn't always a bad thing, but it would be helpful to be able to go out and purchase a healthy meal.


The worst part about South Dakota State University is the communication on campus. The school has four different webistes that students must search through to find grades, assignments, billing information, etc. It is confusing and students generally feel like they're missing something. Also, there is a lack of communication between student organizations and students. South Dakota State University could greatly improve sutdent life by creating one webiste for everything. This website could combine all four of the current webistes and the student organization information into a more universal and inefficient source of information.


The size can be a bit of a downer because a lot of the times you dont know a lot of people you see during the day. Once you have been here for a couple of years though that changes! And you definitely have to go out and make an effort to meet people!


I probably consider the amount we pay for college the worst part. Although South Dakota State University is cheaper than let’s say a private college, lots of what SDSU charges are high. One unnecessary charge is what they call an Activity Fee. This is a set amount that SDSU adds to every student's tuition which allows students to get into most sporting events and activities for free. Although convenient for sports go-errs, I think this should be optional for those students who do not like to go to events.


The worst thing at the schoool is the grass. I know that sounds silly, but the grass needs help. The campus is also sort of messy.




Winter time is what I consider the worst thing. Our campus is generally a walk around campus, and during the winter it gets extremely cold and windy. This makes it a miserable experience to walk to each class.


The idea of people staying up really late and being loud while I am trying to sleep, and having a 8am class the next morning. I enjoy going to classes and not skipping, but when I can't sleep I wont be able to get up the next and end up missing my classes sometimes.


I consider the difficulty in ordering books before classes start the worst thing about my school.


The number one thing I feel is the worst thing about my school is the fact that I feel out of place because I am a non traditional student. I donot get the chance to friend my fellow students because while they go back to dorms, I go home and feed my children. I also do not relate to many of the "traditional" students because they are mostly texting and or facebooking during class. I am there to learn, so I can get a job, so I can help feed my family!


As a freshman, I would say the worst thing is living in the dorms. They are small, cramped, and lacking privacy and I can't have my critters in the dorm rooms.


The worst thing about South Dakota State University are the teachers and professors. This is because many of them are from another country and are sometimes hard to understand. They are willing to help students but you have to work around their office hours. A lot of the teachers are really just there to help the head of the class teach all the students that sign up for that class. Another down-put on the teachers are the fact that they randomly cancel class and not inform the students until they arrive to see a note posted on the door.


I think that the only thing bad about my school (which isn't even the school.. it's the state) is that it is freezing in South Dakota. The weather is bipolar and it is windy all the time and walking to class is very cold. SDSU would benefit from underground tunnels from building to building :)


Some of the teachers are foreign and though they may speak English well, they have a hard time getting to a point.


The tuition costs and parking.


As anywhere, people look down on others who have learning disabilities.


Not enough buildings tohoud everyone


Here at SDSU, I do not like that so many people do leave on the weekends, if that were different, I believe it would make our campus more fun and appealing to future students. The food programs are not healthy enough (for my standards), not to mention expensive. Housing situations and the cost of them is ridiculous!!!!!!!!! But that is the same with any other school.


Lack of financial aid with the economy the way it now. Many students struggle to make ends meet each month. Assistance would be helpful.




The worst thing about my school is the quality of some dorms are somewhat poor.I also don't like how finacial aid is awarded but i have been told that it's not the university's fault.I also don't like the cold.I find the advisors waist your time; most of them don't tell you exactly the right classes that you need to take.


The emphasis on being involved because some students become too involved and it reflects on their grades.


SDSU lacks in diversity. Most of the students here grew up in small towns on the midwestern plains.