South Dakota State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A student that should not attend South Dakota State University is one that does not like being in a large school. The school has over 13,000 students and most classes range from 40 to 250 students per class. A student has to be comfortable with minimal student to teacher content and be willing to work hard for a decent grade. This school is challenging and puts into perspective what the working force will be like depending on the major intended.


A person who is looking to go to a party school should not attend this university.


A person that is very narrow minded should not attend this school.


Anyone who likes to be outdoors in the winter will not enjoy SDSU. The weather is extremely cold and windy.


I think South Dakota State University is a very open school and accepts people of all backgrounds and religions but if you are looking for a big school SDSU is not for you. We are in a smaller city and the student populations almost doubles the towns population when we are in school.


A person that would rather solitude than an community enviorment on a college campus. Our campus is big enough so you do not know everyone, but it is small enough to where you feel connected to the University. If a person does not like small class sizes to where the student is not simply another face in the crowd than University of Central Oklahoma is not the school for them.


I think if someone is looking to attend a very liberal, artsy school then South Dakota State is not the school for them. In addition, if a student is looking for the benefits of living in a large city then Brookings, SD would not be the best fit.


Everyone can find a spot here so everyone shoud attend here


A person who does not want to try at all. One that does not put any effort into anything and just gives up easy.


A person that wants to be in a city with lots of things to do all the time. Someone who wants a strict major in Business or Elementary Education as this school doesn't offer these program currently.


Someone who doesn't like a smaller university or is only attending for the population..Someone who won't go to class on a regular basis or someone who isn't interested in making lifelong friends


someone who is outgoing and wants to be involved and likes meeting new people


I feel that this school is focused primarily to students who are serious about their career choices. This school is not for a student who isn't willing to put for the effort or time into their studies. This school challenges you to do your best and you must push yourself to go the extra length. A person who isn't willing to expose themselves to new ideas or people would not do well at this school, as it is blessed with many different cultures and values.


The kind of person that I would not recommend attend this school is someone who is very citified. By that, I mean someone who is not used to a small-town atmosphere and the agriculture industry. SDSU is a predominantly ag school with the appropriate animals (such as cows, horses and sheep) on campus and I've heard girls, who are obviously from the city, complain about the noise and stench. As an ag school, SDSU is located in Brookings, a small town when compared to big city Sioux Falls. As such the number of extracurricalurs in town is limited.