South Dakota State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known more about the Bookstore and purchasing books. I spent three times as much on books my first semester than I really needed to. I didn't know the options available to me like renting, sharing, and buying used textbooks.


I wish I had known how much I was really going to eat off of my meal plan so that I didn't bring so much food.


I would have liked to have known how strong the farming/rodeo element was at this school


I wish I had known the majors more indepth. I feel it would have helped me in making a successful choice in a major for a successful career.


I wish I had known how much time I would have to put into studying course material. In high school, I didn't have to put in as much time as I currently do at college. If I would have known this before, I would have been able to better prioritize my time before I came to college and be more prepared to stay busy with schoolwork.


I wish I had known how hard metally school was going to be, but its well worth the frustration.


I wish I would have known that the size of a campus can have a large impact on a student, but also the set up of the campus. When it is weather time, walking to class in -15 degree weather, and walking back to the dorms isn't something I was prepared for!


It takes awhile to walk to some class rooms


I wish I would have known that the athletic facilities were not going to be changing much after being promised they would. I wish I also knew that their business program was strictly econ based. That is my part on the research that I should I have done so I am at fault there.


Caldwell Hall is really boring and the people living there typically don't socialize with one another. The other dorms are great.


That people here are very clique-oriented


There is nothing that I needed to know. I was well informed when I came to orientation.


I wish I would have known how much my major was going to cost besides for the cost of tuition.


Not to buy books right away because sometimes teachers never even have you crack the book open!


That when your parents say you can't just breeze by in college, they really mean it


I wish I would have known that it wasn't a diverse school at all..


It is relatively close to my area so i knew pretty much everything i needed to know.