South Dakota State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


great school


I think the teachers are really great. They make you do your work and push you to do your best. They are there when you need help.


I like that I can take my entire degree online so I can go to the school of my choice, but not have to uproot my family for me to attend.


I love how helpful Dr. Reid has always been.


Even though South Dakota State University is 13,000 students strong and the largest state college in South Dakota, there is still that "down-home'' feeling around campus. My assumption is that a majority of the SDSU students are from South Dakota which means that many people come from small towns of about 5,000 or less (including myself). This means that you are nicer to people because in a small town, chances are you are going to see a person many times in a day or week. Also, SDSU makes and sells its own great homemade Ice Cream.


SDSU is about the right size for and undergraduate program. While there were some classes with 400 students, others only had 15-20. It was nice in the smaller classes to get to know your professors and not be another number.


The friendliness of staff


I think the best thing about my school is the atmosphere. Everone on campus is usually nice and welcoming as well as the professors depending on who your working with. There are many clubs that you can get involved in and many activities to be apart of.


Small enough to be friendly


The best thing about SDSU is it's size. It's not too big, but there is always something exciting going on.


The people are the best at SDSU. Most professors are passionate and really care about your learning. They want to see you succeed in your career more than I think they focus on their own research.


I love the people. They're generally very welcoming and they've really become a family to me.


The size of the school! It is large enough to where a student won't know every face on campus, and can continually meet new intriguing people. But it is small enough that if a student becomes involved in campus organizations, he/she will feel like they are making an impact on the campus and community.


The other students. Everyone is friendly and it is easy to make new friends on a daily basis. Everyone is also very willing to help with studies and making newcomers feel welcome.


I think the best thing at SDSU is teacher - student interaction. If I am made comfortable in a classroom by my teachers, I am more likely to enjoy the class, do well in it, and make new friends.


Friendly, and very sociable


It's so welcoming and there are tons of opportunities here.


Very friendly place and many ways to get involved and meet new people!