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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have gained a change in perspective from my college experience. My Master's program is held at a small Christian school, with a very supportive intimate group that has quickly become my family. The things I am learning has reminded me why I went for a degree in teaching years ago, before the economy created a teacher hiring freeze in my area. Working at a hotel to pay the bills while being rejected from instructor interviews time after time was slowly killing my spirit. My heart belongs in a classroom, whether I am a teacher or a student. Returning to school gave me the courage to follow my heart and take a leap of faith. With the support and prayers from my teachers and peers, I quit my hotel job. Before the Master's, I did not have the strength or the trust in my own heart to make a life altering choice like that. On top of the change of perspective, I am gaining confidence as a teacher and leader. I am proud of my current college experience, and grateful for the lessons I am learning that go beyond the textbooks.


First, I would recommend to any Junior or Senior to enroll in the Dual-Enrollment program. This would make the transition from high school to college quicker and easier on the student. High schoolers would not only be able to experience college life on a part-time basis, but it would also give them a head start on college requirements. I would also encourage them to keep a calander of due dates. I would strongly suggest the student work ahead as much as possible. I would tell them to talk to their professors if they have any problems or questions. Most teachers are very helpful and encourage students to seek their help.


The adivce that I would give myself, traveling back in time would be not to take high school for granted. Passing classes is easy but getting straight A's, maintaining those A's and actually taking the time to learn and grow from the lessons you learn in classes in high school are more valuable then you think. I would tell myself to focus more on school, on getting better grades, and actually applying myself to getting scholarships and better SAT scores for Bright Futures. I would tell myself to not procrastinate about turning assignments in and studying for tests at the last minute; learning better studying habits will really help you in the future not only on tests but on research papers and other assignments because working on an assignment ahead of time would ensure yourself on getting that A you deserve and that you know you could get. Another tip would be managing your time more wisely. Instead of going out with your friends every weekend make extra study time for school. In the end, all of this will truly help, in college and my future!


In highschool I was smart enough to get by with A's and B's and not do any studying. This was a major mistake on my part. Some of the beginning classes i found the same approached still worked but as I entered Calculus and Physics i found it difficult ot adjust to the work. Granted I did fine and passed with B's but I am no longer happy with B's. I would tell myself that College may not seem important now but in the future its all you have. Work your butt off, study and dont wait for people to offer help or information go find it. I see people now I graduated with alot further than me, not because im slacking but because they took initiative early on and got things done. Now I am wishing i would have done the same. Between highschool and finding a career is boring at times but the hardwork will payoff and you can enjoy the next 30-40 years doing something you absolutly love.


To begin with, I would tell myself to never give up on my dreams of pursuing my future career. Although times may get rough, nver give up. Second of all, I would tell myself to learn how to be more organized and responsible. College is not a joke. The professors do not have time to play. Responsibility is a key skill in the college world. People who arent responsible tend to settle for less and never reach the goals they once aspired. I would also tell myself to always stay focused and keep my eye on the prize. College is not only a place to further one's career but to also meet new people and experience new things. One should enjoy the experience but also remember to stay focused and not allow anything, and I mean anything, get in the way of mybright future. The transition may be a little frightening but at the end, it's worth it because then you have ended one chapter of your life and began a new one...


I waited four years from high school graduation to attend college. My advice to myself would be to continue your college education as soon as you graduate high school because there is no time like the present to further your education and career to make a small difference in your world. Don't wait to attend college. The harder it is to start back to school once you're in the habit of not going.


I would tell myself to never give up. Strive for the highest goals and work hard in achieving them. Work hard now, because in-the-long-run, it will pay off with great rewards.


If I could go back in time, I would have lots of advice to give myself. College is very different than high school. Some say that it is the same, but it isn't. I would tell myself to study hard and never give up! College is harder than high school. You can't just cram an hour before a big exam; you must study over a period of time. I would also tell myself not to stress too much over grades. Since college is harder than high school, you can't expect to get straight "A's." It is possible, however. In the end, it is the degree, or that single piece of paper, that counts. Employers are not going to look at your GPA. I would say to have fun and enjoy the college experience! It is a time that you will remember for the rest of your life! Get involved on campus and off. Do fun random things; hang out with your friends and make memories! College is the start of the rest of your life. What you learn there, is going to impact you and your future!