South Louisiana Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to become more serious about my work ethic and spending habits. Saving enough money to pay for tuition and books is very important and it would have been much less stressful to have saved money for my schooling instead of spending most of it. As far as my academics are concerned, I would have told myself to keep the same focus on finishing my homework as I had in highschool but to set aside more time to do it. College professors are very picky about every part of the assignment and sometimes the work needs to be double, even triple checked. Also surrounding ones self with good, hard working, dedicated people will help you to excell. People who are similar to you and are worried about the quality of their work and having it finished on time can sometimes carry you through the hard times that will appear throughout your academic career.


I would tell myself not to stress about making all my life decisions in just a few months. I wouldn't have worried so much about my prospective major because you will, in fact, change it at least three times before you decide on one you enjoy. It is always good to explore your options and taking interesting classes. College is a great resource for networking, making new friends, and trying new and strange things you probably never thought you would.


I would have completed my college education a long time ago. It is not easy going back to school and working full time.


I'd first prove it's me by saying, look under your bed, theres a Bible and a map, for all the times you ever get lost that no one else would know you have. Then I'd say I know its tough, but please quit worrying about him, he's going to cause much more pain then its even worth. Stay focused on your school work, you are doing great. The effort you put forth at everything you do is probably your most prize posession. Think about the future more than you think about your mistakes. You are so intollerant of mistakes and eventually that will cause a set back. The future is the most important thing that you have, so plan it wisely. Do yourself a favor and hug granny as much as you possibly can; she loves you more than you know and she has so much faith in you. I know sometimes things get tough, but stay strong and keep your head held high because these are no where near the best years of your life. The things that God has in store for you are unbelieveable so get ready and hold on tight!


Don't take time off to relax before you start college, it isn't worth it. You come back from a semester off and you have become lazy and your brain has to work twice as hard to catch up to others who got back into the school swing right after highschool.