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South Mountain Community College

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My school has less students in a class than at a university. The teachers actually help you one on one and they know your name appose to just being a face in the crowd. Our campus withholds the oppurtunity for the students to make careers at the school while still being a student, it is an aid to help you find work. It also prepares high school students as they journey with the ACE (Achieving College Education) program. This is a program that allows students that are high school sophmores to take college courses.

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The smaller classroom size and extremely personal attention are two of the most important things that I looked at when choosing a community college. The smaller campus is also what i considered, I didn't want to go to an oversized and crowded school. The smaller campus gives the school a more personal feel. The student involvement in student governmet and other clubs also makes it stand apart from other schools.

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The school I chose I chose because it is most convenient by being less than two miles away from my house. That would make it quite unique as to all the others are 10 miles or more away. It does not have my major like I stated above, but I am retaining my prerequisites then will transfer to another college about 10 miles away who does offer a degree in Interior Design.

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