South Plains College Top Questions

What should every freshman at South Plains College know before they start?


If I was given the opportunity to go back in time, I would have a few things to tell my high school self. The most important thing I would ahve to tell myself would be to stop letting negative people into my life because of how draining it was. I would make sure I understood that my happiness is worth more than that. The next thing I would relay would be to take the time to enjoy high school. It goes by really fast, and once you graduate, real life sets in. I would make sure I understood that as magical as college sounds, it is a lot more work than high school. The last thing I would talk to myself about would be to cherish the little things like waking up to pancakes, or a good morning hug from Mom. I would tell myself that while living away from home can be so much fun, you get homesick really easily.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior I would tell myself to commit more to my schoolwork and start thinking more seriously about my future. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and I didn't worry about it enough. Also I was always nervous about going to college because I was worried about what people would think of me and making friends. Now I realize that it doesn't really matter to me what people think of me because being honest and acting normal would help make friends. I always felt like I had to impress everyone else to be accepted and I was wrong. Everyone is worrying about themselves and are at college primarily to learn and maybe have a bit of fun on the side.


If I could go back in time and tell myself everything I know now about college, the first thing I would tell myself is to start applying for scholarships early. There are many hidden costs of going to college that are not covered by the tuition. Some examples are laptops, gas to get to school, parking permits, and school supplies. The second thing I would tell myself is to put the high school concept of procrastination away. Procrastinating on homework and research papers will not get you the grade that you want. Procrastinating will actually cause you to rush your work and not put forth your best effort into the project. The old saying "what you get out, is what you put in" is true in college. If you put forth 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} then you receive nothing more. The last thing I would tell myself is to get a good night?s rest before class. Falling asleep in class is never good, especially when there are notes that are needed for a test in the near future. Getting all the notes in class is crucial in studying for tests and quizzes, and you cannot do that when your eyes are closed.


I would be alot more prepared ahead of time, instead of cramming everything at the last minute, therefore I knew all my options that were layed out in front of me and I could choose the right one. I would choose the college that I thought would best benefit me in the future and would help me further my education in becoming what I want to become, and that is to be a nurse. Considering different programs that could help me ahead of time that I was qualified for would have helped me out alot. That way I would have the money I needed ahead of time and wouldnt have to worry about it when the time came for me to need the money to pay for college. I would consider alot more colleges that why I had more options to choose from and look ahead of time at all the colleges, that way if I needed to I could visit each college to see if that was the right one for me to pursue my dreams in life. Last with all the transportation that was needed to think over before I came to college would have been very helpful.


I would tell myself to take things more seriously and dont slack off. It is really important you pay attention in your classes it will make things much easier in college. Even though the classes seem useless and boring you are going to have to take similar classes in college and they are much easier if you have a basic understanding of the subject.


Well Gracie here you are a Senior. Who would of thought you would have made it? You know what I mean both your parents never finished school. Your grades never mattered as long as you were passing. Well that is the past and here comes the future. It's all about you. Its time to make something of yourself. If you are thinking that College is the same as High School it is not. Don't be afraid, College is challenging but not the way high school was. If you can graduate from high school you can make it in college. Just think no parents its going to be great. You will be responsible for you, getting to class on time, doing your homework and getting registered for all your classes. You have already done all this in high school just don't be scarred you can do it.


If I could go back and give myself advice for college, I would tell myself to learn to study. I have not been a good student thus far in that aspect, and it is something I am currently working on. Studying is so important for college, and to keep my grades up it is a necessary factor. Also I would tell myself to eat healthier and exercise. Eating healthy and exercising is so important to keeping me going throughout the day. I don't get sick as often, and I have studied and learned the benefits of taking vitamins and even started to do yoga as a daily exercise. Finally, I would tell myself to save, save, save! I want to eventually transfer to Lubbock Christian University and for two years there, it will cost me at least 32,000 dollars, assuming that the cost doesn't go up. So right now I am working hard to save, and I am still way too far behind where I should be. So, if I got to go back, I would try to make myself realize how much different and better college would be, but also the reality college shocks you with.


The advice I would give is to do better than high school, study more hours, manage your time and money, and get plenty of rest for quizzes and exams.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to give up on my dream of becoming a doctor. I realize now that college is a lot more difficult than high school and to warn my high school self would save a lot of stress and concern. I also would tell myself to take more dual credit courses, especially the ones that are on my degree plan. I had all of my courses and books paid for by scholarships, and I should have taken more classes while they were easy to pay for. It also would make the transition easier because I would have known more of what to expect. More advice I would tell myself is to expect professsors to assume that you remember every detail of what you learned in high school. I had a lot of trouble in my chemistry class because it was two years since I took chemistry in high school. I wish I took better notes and kept them to use in class now.


First of all, college is not what you expect it to be. College requires alot of studying and staying on top of your grades. It is not as easy as high school, nor do you always know where you stand gradewise like you do in high school. You have to be able to figure out what your grades are on your own and be able to be prepared each day you come to class. Being prepared is the best key, you never know when you might have a pop quiz or a test that day. Take very good notes this will help when studying. Always go to class, try not to miss a day, because you will fall far behind. Get to know your professors, they are there to help you not be your enemy. I can not emphasize this enough study, study, study and make more time for school. If you do all of this you should do just fine.