South Puget Sound Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Community colleges are an often overlooked resource for cheap education. South Puget Sound Community College offers classes from trained professionals and provide access to expensive equipment that I otherwise would have never been able to use. This school serves a large population of students seeking education. They try their best to make their classes as convenient as possible, something I love about South Puget Sound. This school acts as a safety net for those who really need an education, which is the most important aspect for me. They give me the comfort needed to manage my classes.


It is really easy to get in and out of the college, free parking and a great bus transportation system. The people who complain about getting in just aren't planning ahead and are leaving their house super late or not thinking to ride the bus.


One of my favorite things about South Puget Sound Community College is that the classes are so small. It is easy to get additional help from teachers and most offer a study hour before or after class which has proven to be very useful. I have also been able to quickly contact teachers about questions via e-mail which has given me so much assistance over the years. Online help guides provided by the instructors and labs that are located on campus and open all day have proven to be excellent study tools as well.


My school is ever expanding in quality and oppertunity. SPSCC promotes oppertunities through offering new programs, study abroad, multi-cultural classes, and so much more. The number of students attending SPSCC has doubled in the past 2 years, and the campuse faculty has done a great job accomidating all of the students. They have expanded classes to online as high-brid classes to accomidate a variety of students and their lifestyles. Teachers have gone above and beyond to help students outside of class, and the students are even helping other students.


The best thing about the school that I attend is the fact that they have more than one program, and atleast one of the programs will have something of your interest. They provide everyone with any kind of problems, disabilities, etc, with the kind of attention they need. They will try there best to keep the students attending, satisfied.