South Suburban College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


South Suburban College, (SSC), is a great environment for students who are undecided for their career, are going to school and working to pay for tuition, or are returning to college to pursue a different career path. Many people give community colleges a bad reputation by saying that it technically isn't "college", and is much easier than a four-year university. Honestly, I think that it is just the opposite. The students in community colleges most likely have other responsibilities as well as pursuing an education. In my opinion SSC is full of, hardworking, focused, and determined students


South Suburban College is a school for anybody; anyone who is going to school to obtain an associate's degree or certificate. Whether you are continuing your education or you are a college freshman, it doesnt matter, South Suburban College, can be right for you. At South Suburban College, people can obtain an associate's degree in any health, business, and even get there GED.