South Texas College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


South Texas College is a college with open degree opportunities for everyone.


This school is a community collage, that has many majors.


My school is very diverse consisting of many different cultures, religions, and ethnic backgrounds.


It is a small school most of the people are hispanic they have clubs that it help us like FBLA and FCCLA we compite in different things with another schools, we are champion states in mariachi and soccer all that things the school reconized they ive alot of advices about the collge alot of information if we don't have money they send to us things that are gonna help also we have college classes and we can advance the counselers are there everytime we needed and for me my school is everything to me I apreciated alot my school.


The school is a specialized nursing school called allied health and nursing, it is organized to train students who want to be in the health field.


South Texas College is small enough to cater to its students and make them feel like they are not lost in the crowd, such as in bigger schools, but still has the credentials to provide an excellent education.