South Texas College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The stomach-oriented traditions would involve the cook-off competitions hosted by the culinary arts program. The family friendly traditions would be the Fall Festival and Turkey Trot (Thanksgiving 5K).


South Texas College is best know for their afforadable tuition, total cost, and price to attend. If tuition plays a great factor than this might be the perfect place for you. South Texas College is know for being a competive, friendly, and a successful invironment. South Texas College is better known for the helping their students out in order to make you successful in life. They have online classes, daycare, and they even provide a bus that can pick you up at a certain place so there will be no excuses to attending classes.


Best known for asscosiate degrees. Also, known for an affordable education.


My school is best known for its teachers and the students who attend it. I have heard it is one of the top colleges in the nation and i can see why. The people there are friendly and they look extremly focused on their work. Everybody helps each other out and its never hard to find people studying together. They have alot of tutors and special programs for those students who need help on there work and thats what i love about this school. It's a perfect example of the title "Community College".


South Texas College prides itself upon its motto "Close to home but far from ordinary". South Texas College is a favorite amongst the locals due to it's proximity to the surrounding cities and its reputation for excellence.