South Texas College Top Questions

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The school really needs to hire a plumber for the bad smell in the restrooms of the busiest building on campus, Building J. My advice is to avoid the restrooms on the first floor.


Something that I would say that is unique in my school is attention to all of us, I thing that because my school is smaller and we are less people than other and for me a big school they don't put more attention. Another thing is that they care alot for us to have a wonderful education to be someone in the future, for me and to all of my generation is unique. Everytime we need something they help us and give to us advices that are gonna help us, and we decide to take it or not. And


There is an absolute warmth and friendliness with the students and the faculty there. They care about your education and also do a phenomenal job encouraging and supporting you as a student there.


What's unique about this school is that the professor's help you out and explain you everthing that you need to be clear at.


What I find very unique about attending South Texas College is that good quality education is so close to home. Looking through the collleges that where available for me to attend, this one was close, affordable, and within personal reach.