South Texas College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


There is never free time if you slack off during the week. Always read before classes in order to get ahead because some professors may quiz you. It is not fun to be inactive with the school activities. The atmosphere may lighten up your stay at the campus which will keep you attending school. Always find someone from one class to study with. You will find they will be very helpful at times. Do not be afraid to ask questions during class or meet with your professor during office hours. They may give you extra credit for visiting. Always introduce yourself the first day of class. The professor may remember you throughout the semester and may be more leniant towards you. It is a better college experience if you stay in the dorms. It is one thing most students never experience. Always study every day for 2 hours each class. Quiz yoursef in between chapters.


Take a better carreer path in the military.


Michelle you as a high school senior as all you wanted as a teen mom. Remeber that you and only you can make your life succesfull by getting a degree as a registed nurse. Don't let people affect your life by saying that you are not going to be anyone in life because you as a kid have a kid. Continue doing what you are doing which is going to high school because that plays a great factor in graduating, your GPA, and student ranking, and most importantly get rid of friends and family members that are bad influence. Make a list of colleges that you would like to attend. Make sure that you apply for the colleges you are intersted in, and since tuition, and cost to attend in college is a factor then apply for FAFSA. Take advantage of the opprtunity you have a apply for scholarships, grants, and whatever you can thing of that can help you pay for your college. Best of all continue your dream which is to become a registered nurse to help others health and be a role model to your kid, and prove those who didn't belive in you wrong.


Turn in all your homework on time. Get a planner and schedule time to study put sticky notes to remind you if you have an essay due or a project that way you wont leave everthing for the night before. Be on time to class becasue every minute in the classroom is important information. Make alot of friends and attend study groups. Always make time to talk to your prfessor one on one and get to know them.


I would tell myself to be more prepared. Not knowning the things I know now, didn't help for my jump to college. I would be tell myself to be more aware and presistent with everything that is requried to sucessfully get through college.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self I would tell myself to focus on schoolwork and be serious about it. because as I high school student I didn’t even think about attending college and now that I am a more mature person I wish I could have known the advantages of attending college, like I know now.


If i were to go back to my senior year in high school, i would have liked to have focused more on my school work. I would have put more effort in registering for college instead of procrastinating. I'd push myself to do better academically .


I woulld tell myself to fill out as many scholarships as possible. Search the web search everywhere, and when you think you filled out enough apllications, keep filling out more because you did not fill out enough. Become more self relying, work ahead on school work, do not wait untill the day before or teh night before to study, it does not work you will fail. Be ready for the real world, you are on your own you now need to buy groceries, get a job keep your aprtment clean and neat, on top of all your school work, and having time for family and friends. I would also tell myself that what happens in high school with friends and flings does not matter. You will find new friends and eventually you will begin your own family sooner than you can imagine becuase your life goes by so fast, do not blink because you will miss it. Be there for your friemds and family because you never know when you will need somebody to be there for you. Lastly, be yourself, and stand up for yourself do not put yourself in a position you do not want to be in.


When I was in high school, I really wasn't into college much. I was pretty ignorant about college and I always had the mentality I would just be a part time musician and work full time. I wish I could have known what I wanted to do when I started college. I majored in music education, but that was never my dream. I always wanted to perform, but never knew which way to go and how to go about it. I ended up not finishing college and I am barely returning. I f I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would definitely motivate myself to think of college and work hard to pass all my core classes. I would advise myself to have a plan, and think about what kind of career would I like to have in the future. I would emphasize on the fact, that having a degree is very important to get a job and that I should do something that I would enjoy for the rest of my life.


I would go back in time to tell myself to take high school more seriously. I would tell myself to take more college courses in high school so by the time he is in college he would get done quicker. I would tell myself to stay focused in class so by the time he attends college for the first time he is educated. I would tell myself to do better in class so that I wouldn't worry about college. I would tell myself my college experiences and all the joy I have recieved by attending college. I would constantly bug him and tell him not to become an underacheiver and strive for better so that others can emulate. I would tell myself that everything is going fine in the future and give him a big hug for being a good student, son, brother, etc. With that being said I feel if I could go back in the past I would make a severe impact for my future. Education is very important and school is what will make your goals come true I would myself from the past before I headed back to the future.


the experience that i have received have been numerous and very helpful for my carrer. it has been very valuable to attend to achieve my goal to becoming a physcolgist.


I would have told myself to take advantage of all the extracurricular activities available at my school to prepare me for college transition. I would also tell myself to take part in the dual enrollment program, which is half day school and half day community college, so that I would have been ahead in my classes when I would have graduated. I finally would tell myself that money is tight when you?re pay 2000 dollars a semester for your classes and it is important to budget yourself.


I would advice myself to go for my goal dreams no matter how hard the classesare. No matter how much time i will spend in my room studing and to keep on with the nursing program to get accepeted.


I'd have a seat with myself and say, "Derek, once you enter college things aren't going to be the same. You're going to motivate yourself to do the work because no one else will. The professors aren't going to be pushing you to do your work like your teachers are doing now in high school. The professors don't really care if you do your work or not. They're getting paid either way. It's up to you to get the work done. You also have to be very self-disciplined and you have to learn how to manage your time wisely. You know what they say, 'work now, party later'. One last thing I'd like to tell you is to get to class on time. Professors don't like for students to come in late because it disrupts the class. So be there on time. It'll show that you are responsible and ready to learn. Remember what I've told and practice those things once you get to college. Take care Derek." That's what I would tell myself if I were to go back in time.


A advice that I give to me is that its alot of work that I did, have good grades pass all my classes turn in my homework on time and things it was a hard work to handle.,but at the end I could see the benefit I graduate with my generation. I continue in college and I know that is more work and different and the teachers are not gonna be with me like in my high school it is a different things and another rutine for me. The important thing is that at the end I would receive my benefit of all my work I made, is something that I would receive good things a good live and if I want to have alot of things travels the only thing that I can have it is study not be a hambuger worker or other. Because is the only thing that my parents made to me is be in school and gave the diplomas that is the only thing that they want. And with my hard work I could make it and I assume all my work to be here where I am right know and with alot advices.


Well some of the advise i would inform myself would be, to be more prepared by being more dependant. Dependant because in college people are not going to hold your hand. There you need to makes things happen not wait for the things to happen. I would advise myself that it is not as easy as everyone says, that inorder to pass with good grade one must strive for the best. In order to become the best you must study hard to achive the grades desired. Also that some instructures don't baby you and that when dead lines are posted you must comply with them or you have a chance of failure. Also to walt with your head up high, remember you made it to college enjoy it. Make every day like if its going to be your last one, and to remember to have dedication and determination to be what you want to be. Also to always work had because in the long run it will pay off.


Now having the knowlege that I have about college, there are a few words of wisdom I would give myself when making the transition from high school to college. What I found to be the most important skill to obtain in order to be successful in college is time management. Another important skill to master is studying and it varies from person to person, I would tell myself to find the perfect way to study and retain information. Also, I would tell myself to learn how to seperate personal life issues from school because allowing one to influence the other can cause extra stress and strain on grades and academic success. In college the professors are not going to stay on top of a student to turn in course work and assignments, so knowing how to prioritize work, study, and play can be very useful in the journey to gaining a higher education.


Knowing what I know now I could only give one piece of advice; "if you think you are trying hard you are not trying hard enough." When I was in high school I tried enough to where I passed by classes with an A or a B whichever I got didn't matter but I really should have shot for an A at all times. I know I could have done better but I just wanted to get through high school and be done, not really thinking about college. I finished 102 out of 498 in my school but if I would have tried even harder I know I could have done so much better and had colleges waiting at my door instead of me knocking on theirs.


I would tell myself to not sell myself short, that I am a smart person, I am capable of following my dreams, college is rough, I would make sure that I saved money to be able to attend. I would tell myself to wait until I have graduated before having children, would also advise myself that South Texas College is cheaper to attend and all my pre-requisites can be met there. To never let my GPA falter and to finish what I have started and never give up. Life is too short to waste on "what I could/should be doing now" "I wish I had known what I know now". A family is great I would never give them up now but if I had a choice back then and the self-confidence to purse the dream I wanted I would tell myself to finish school be a mom and a wife second. Things are hard enough with this economy and if you don't have a job that you love and the education to back it up motherhood isn't as fulfilling as it could and will be once you graduate.


If I had a chance to go back in time to tell me what to prepare for, I wouldnt know where to start. There is so much to college life, and life in general, that you aren't yet prepared for in high school. First i would tell my self that college is wounderful and great learning experience. You learn how to enteract with diffrent ethnics, and experience life on your own again. Just like Job Corp your going to be scared at first but you learn what to do and who to hang around to make it through to succed. Money is still a problem but that is nothing new to you. Dont trust mom, you couldnt trust her then so dont think you can trust her now. You are still struggling but your happy, finally. Find more grants, scholarships, & private loans to look into so you aren't stressing it later on during the semster. Your doing well keep it up honey, im trying to make our future better inthe future just sit back stop stressing so much. Enjoy the friends around you and the books in front of you.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, i would tell my self to not make the same mistakes twice, to take advantage of the many schoolarships that are available. I wish i could go back in time to my high school years and get the best grades i could get so that i could be accepted to very prestigious university, in the situation that i am in i dont have the opportunity to travel abroad as many of my friends are doing, i would love to travel to many places while studing. I would tell my self to have fun while your young but to also think about the future, it is very hard being a single parent and attending school. To make the most out of high school because that is just going to be a chapter in a novel, college is about tocome and thats whats going to mark your future.


So you're a few months away from being a free person, parties, credit cards, and no more curfews. Yay! All of that sounds fine and dandy, but i am now twenty years old and i'm anxious to graduate from college with a degree in Nursing. I'm so excited, but i'm still a little ways off of my degree. If only i hadn't procrastinated and experimented with the so called, " college life", I could be that much closer to my dream! Ugh! Please, learn from my experience, don't get ahead of yourself! He who laughs last, laughs better! And that's true. While your friends are out partying, don't be afraid to spend Saturday night studying for Monday's exam (trust me the parties aren't worth the failing grade). Another thing, learn to save your pennies. The real world is not easy, and it's certainly not cheap; so try and be wise with the little you have, the big bucks come after college. You can do it! Trust me i've gotten this far. Although it might seem hard and time consuming, but time flies. Remember one thing, Never Ever Give Up!


Dear Debra, You will soon come to the end of your high-school journey and begin a new adventure of college life which you will have more choices. Here are some nuggetts for you to enjoy your freedom: Be smart with your money. Don't get into debt by getting a new car. Enjoy the lack of responsibility that you have and put all your focus on school. Live like a student while in college so you don't have to live like like a student when you graduate. Get a job that works around your schedule and not the other way around. Prioritize school and never take a break even if you are at least taking one class but keep up the momentum. Have clear written goals for each semester. Begin with the end in mind and do research on the career which involves you interviewing about 3 professionals within that carreer so that you are confident in the major that you are doing and it will keep you motivated in school. So, open up your minds to learn all that you have potential to learn from these educated instructors who are there to walk alongside your journey! Thanks!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have adviced myself to finish high school and continue to college. I would also tell my self that college is very important and that I would have to get a degree before bringing any children into my life. I would tell myself that knowledge equals power and the only way to earn power is through knowledge. If I could go back in time I would tell myself that education should be my priority to succeed in the future. I would tell myself to learn a skill that could be turned into a profession. I would tell my self to divide my fun time from study time because studying for the future can make the difference in the future.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what i know not about college life and making the transition i would advise myself to enroll into college courses that they provide in high school and to study harder and get better grades that will help me out in the future with college. Because now that i know what college is about i regret not taking the college course or attending college fairs that help me apply for scholarships that will help me out.


If I could go back in time knowing what I know now, I would tell myself three things. First, pick a major that you enjoy and have a passion for. Don't feel the pressure to conform to friends or by society standards. I felt the pressure to conform to my cultural expectations and got into a field that I didn't enjoy. I felt nervous and never felt that I was in my element. It took me years to figure out what I enjoy and what I am good at because my passion and talent was kept hidden from me out of fear and trying to transform into something I knew I could not be. It's always almost more difficult to make the switch later rather than earlier. Second, get involved, connect and socialize. Networking is critical to future success. A part of that is making long term friendships but it's also about broadening your experience through others. And lastly, try to use what you've learned. It's never too early to start . That means getting an internship in your chosen field. Education is essential, but education with experience is priceless.


Going back and trying to give myself advice about college would be very difficult. As I look back at my life since I graduated high school I know that there are several things that I have done that I have regrets about, not just when thinking about college. I would tell myself to just be careful with everything that I do. There is not one thing in particular that I would try to convience myself not to do for one major reason. If my younger self took my advice and did change something that I did in my past then I may not be where I am know. Yes I may be a thirty-three year old freshman, but I am happily married with two beautiful daughters I would not want to take the chance of changing that for all the tea in China. My life has been full of ups and downs, especially when it comes to school, but those things have made me the man that I am know.


I would have told myself to take it more serious while in high school and plan ahead, not to wait until I graduated to start planning for my future, I had always known that I wanted to be a nurse but did not know how to get started. I would have also said to go full force especially at that age, no children, no responsibilities, just yourself before things get more serious. Stay focused on school and be around others that have to same goals in life. Also, use all your resources and do not be shy in asking around for scholarships and grants or talk to others in your community for advise. Its not easy and can be stressful but with the right kind of mind and attitude anything can be accomplished.


If i could go back in time to talk to myself i would probably tell myself to not go out partying before important exams like ACT. Also to pay more attention in classes because what the teachers are saying is important and will later on benefit you in college. One of the things i would also say is to not panic when i go to college just be calm, manage my time, and be cool about school.


GO TO COLLEGE, do not hesitate it will change the way you feel, the way you think, and the way you breath. It is super important and you will need the skills they it offers for the rest of your like. I would rather endure 2 years of hard work than a whole lifetime without an education. You will grow up so fast and learn people are not always what they seem. Self-Challenge is the name of the game, at first it might seem easy but the more you slack off the more it will come back to bite you. Do not miss this oppertunity to change your life


The advice I would give myself would to keep going on, don't stop on what you want to be in life. It's really easy to be in college , it's not as hard as many people say it is. All you need to have is the money to pay your classes and for that, there's lots of scholarships that you can apply for.


I would advise myself not to get married at fifteen an have a child. It is better to go to school and then get married my children have had a difficult life because of the choices I made as a young girl. I do not advise anyone to get married before they are at least 25 years old and have a career.


Take it slow and dont rush through high school. Find out about scholarships and work hard(er) for your true passion. Listen to your heart because if you do, you will find the path you want to take. Dont waste time on things you really dont need when beinning your freshman year in college. See your options when looking for the right college. Keep in mind what you want to study; this will help you find the best college that fits you. Take that extra class in high school and find out if all of your college hours, if any, that you accumilated in high school transfer out to the college you choose to attend. Take all the help you can get!


Many things can be learned in an hour, a minute and even a second. Many seconds, hours and days have passed since my senior year in high school and along with that many lessons and experiences have molded me and broken me down only to build me up again wiser and stronger. Given the opportunity to talk to myself as a high school senior i would give myself nothing but brutal honesty. I would tell myself to get serious with the work that is about to be given to me, work that if studied and understood thouroughly, could be put to good use. I would save myself from the anxieties and stress that debilitate mind and body that come with constant procrastination. I would advise myself to put the money recieved from financial aid to better use. I would let myself know that it is not that bad, college life. I would recount the stories of interesting open minded teachers and individuals that would be crossing my path, of the intellectual freedom that was to come and how an individuals creativity would be nurtured instead of suppressed as it very often was in high school.


Now knowing the demands of the world outside high school and in the workplace, I would have to encourage anyone to further their education as this can be an advantage in many aspects of life. In the work place it can mean the differance between being hired or being passed by. Knowledge is in a very real sense, an empowering tool in everyday life.


If I could go back, it would not be high school senior. I would of started back in Junior High and give all my effort and not slack off. What kids are knowing now I wish the schools were like that back then. The main thing is I really wish teachers could explain things in a way that we could understand it and not get frustrated because we do not get it or were slow at learning things.


The only thing i can really say would be just to stay more focused and concentrate on what is important, college is very fun and at the same time so important! In HS i was rather unsure on what to pursue and it took me several years to really figure out what i want to do in life, i would tell myself to focus on psychology philosophy and my arts! I wasted a bit of time messing around with diffrent degree plans and in the end i found my passions! I also would go back and tell myself to join all the clubs i can for fun, my old HS me was rather shy and closed off to the world! Thanks to college and the clubs and teachers i am far from shy and open ready to take on the world!!