South Texas College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?

Maria Esther

I wish someone would had told me about scholarships and grants to accomplish my academic goals rather than seeing college as an "unreachable item"-Esther


Don't expect your upper-level courses to be as easy as the lower-level courses. It causes a habit to slack off, which ends up hurting your GPA with each semester.


I wish i would've had some type of tutorial on blackboard. Ive been in STC for two semesters already and i still have trouble knowing how to use that for my homework and how to access library resourses. They should schedule some type of trainging for the students.


I wish I had know that there was a campus with student services closer to where I live. I have always known about the campus in McAllen and Rio Grande City, but today I found out that I can go to the campus in Weslaco to take care of business.


i wish i could have asked around which teachers are good to have.


I wish i would've been told to manage my time well because I am very unorganized. Another thing would be that i wish i would of known that college life isn't anything like high school, nobody cares if you were a good basketball player.


How much money I needed, because when I started a couple of years ago I couldn't go to school because I didn't qualify for finicial aid. Now I do but its not enough because just one book is expensive.