South Texas College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


There is an intercampus bus that connects the different campuses in Rio Grande City, Weslaco, and three others in McAllen. There is also a Cat Club run by faculty and staff that captures and spays/neuters campus cats, then releases them back on campus.


The tuition is low and it is nearby my home.


Easy and convient.


The best thing about my school is the Political Science club. I joined it just for fun and i actually leaned how to work with people and how forums run. I learned about the different people running for diffeternt positions in out state and you come to see the real meaning of Political Science


The best thing about my school is that it is really cheap for thoes that pay out of pocket, and is close to home for people on a budget.


The best thing about my school is the advisors, admissions, and financial aid offices are very easy to find as well as the classes. Professors are a huge help to the students. Its at a very convenient location, and classes can be completed online which is very convenient for me because im a single mom.


I consider the learning experiences in classes to be the best thing about South Texas College. I feel that the teachers are great listeners and tend to a students needs. The whole learning enviornment in the classroom is very enjoyable. The professors take time in order to answer questions that a student might have. From my own experience I can gladly say that all the instructor are good at what they do. I have learned many things while attending South Texas College it is a great college. These experinces are something that I wouldn't trade for anything else.


In south texas college everybodytreats each other like a family.


The best thing I conider is the facility we have, the instructures, and the staff that makes everything flow smoothly. The instructures help you in every way possible. They provide you with enough information and knowledge to help you through out your school and carer. The facility is state of the art and it provides you with hands on work to make you understand you major easily. The staff is always there to help you out from a big problem to a simple question about a simple date. All in all I am proud of my school.


The best qualities of South Texas College is that there are numerous on line courses to choose from. They also offer plenty of night and weekend courses for those like me who have families and are unable to attend school during normal school hours. They also offer one of the best nursing programs in my area.


The instructors take pride in what they do. The teach with passion and humor.


Everybody is local and gets along great. As soon as you step on campus you already feel confident and know whats going on. Teachers are friendly and understanding and will always help you when you need it. On a personal experience the teachers treat you as if they were your own, a family in other words. Make friends easily and study partners are never hard to find. Overall , its an awsome school and it wouldnt be if it wasnt for the teachers/students , so I would have to say the best thing about my school has to be the people


South Texas College is a great college to attend they work with you on your schedule and make sure you can pass the classes. They offer free tutoring and help if you ask for it. I have so far attended 2 classes and am registered for three this semester. One of which is online. I am really enjoying this school.


What I find best about South Texas College is that everyone is given an opportunity to succeed. Tuition is very affordable and may even be completly covered by financial aid. Even without scholarships, students attending are given a good staring point to launch their carrers and their future.