South University, Montgomery Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is not ready to work hard, and study. The people are very friendly and helpful. It is community college, and faculty and staff work with you. Also take time with you, because classes are not really that large. You have to be determined and ready to study hard if you want to finish and graduated from this college.


South University is designed for anyone who wants earn a great education. In addition, the school has night class for students who have full time jobs. If a person decides to attend South University he or she must have a desire to learn, to have fun, and to meet great people. If this is not what a person is looking for in a school, then I would say look at another school.


A person who wants a real college experience and wants to party and live in a dorm should not attend.This school is mostly for adults and people who just want to attend college.There are little parties and all but as for as dorm life,there are no dorms,no football team to go watch on Saturdays.Its a good school if you want one on one attention with your professor and you want them to know you as a person by name,by face,and know you.