South University, Savannah Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


young and enthusiastic


I take online classes but the students seem to be very nice and respectful.


I really like my classmates and appreciate their input on my assignments.


Focused and dedicated.


Very diverse backgrounds, and ages, All my classmates seem too be very intelligent and eager to learn.


In my nursing classes, the students are just like me, hard-working people who have been in the Nursing profession for ten years or more; however, I am currently taking a Statistics class with a mix of people, all ages, some right out of high school, some grandmothers, but we all share a desire to better ourselves, learn more, provide for our families and set good examples for those around us.


I've never met any of my classmates because I am taking classes in a completely online environment. The majority of my classmates have been working adults many with young children. I feel that most of my classmates have a lot of other responsibilities and that they (like me) are struggling to balance school, work, and family.


Because I'm taking online courses, it's difficult to describe them. Based on the little information I receive about each of them, I would say... My classmates are determined and studious people who wish to further their education so much that they have chosen to attend an online University so that they can continue to work, be with their families, and/or pursue other adventures while studying.


My classmates tend to be either just out of high school or going back after raising children but regardless of the circumstances they have mostly been friendly.


My classmates are determined, eager, persisten and extremely hardworking individuals. They excel above all obstacles.


My classmates are very willing to learn, enthusiastic and willing participants.


My classmates are very different and sometimes rude