South University, Savannah Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Easy to apply and freindly advisors are always available.


My school is known well because it has been around and accredited for 10 years. It is also known for having a great accelerated program for those students who are determind to finish as fast as possible.


South University has both legal and medical majors.


In 2002, SACS accredits University of Doctoral level and the only institutgion of higher education in Savanah accredited at level. In 2003, the first Doctor of Pharmacy classes began at the Savanah campus. We acqoired by Education Management Corporation one of the largest providers of private post-secondary education in North America. In 2006, the first students graduate with the Doctor of Pharmacy. In 2007, we are rewarded largest number of gradute degrees in the university history.


It is one of the very few ABA certified paralegal programs that can be completed primarily online.


South University-online is best known for operating a university that allows the working student to advance in their field, find a new career, or chane carreers completely. The philosophy is everyone can attend school and attain their degree.


Helping nontraditional students like me get a college education. And they will help you with any problem you may have to get you through to get your education. They are so nice.They help me and I am suffering with cancer.


Our school is known best for its hardworking professors and the variety of degree programs it has.


My school south university best known for our frienly faculty and fainancial aid advisors , they provide us with the most upmost respect and always on time withoutfiniancial aid and answer any questions we need to be anwsered.Also weare knownfor our wonderful nursing program!


I think this school is well known for there online programs.