South University, Savannah Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I have nothing at this time to be the worst thing about my school


My only consistent complaint about this school may sound small but if you are doing a lot of research this matters, they need to have more than one printer in the library and now they have the print on both sides of the paper on default which is very annoying


The website needs upgrading, not impressive.


I have not found anything that is the worst, sometimes it's harder because it is online but other than that it's great


The only people that I have to interact with are all online. It makes it lonesome sometimes.


I consider the worst thing about South University - Savannah is that you have to pay $369 per credit hour for each class, but as long as you can afford it and have financial aid on your side it's no problem, but there's no way around it since all online college courses are about that much.


The worst thing about my school is that my classes are completely online and many of the subjects require that you "teach" yourself. Many students seem confused about the assignments and how to gather information in order to learn. Sometimes, I wonder if people are actually learning the correct information because some of the postings that I see don't make sense - and the instructor takes no action to correct their mistakes.


There was a lot of direct, hands on support to enroll but once enrolled one is pretty much on their own.


I have not come across any issues with the problem except during my Algebra class. Math has always been hard for me and it was a little difficult to keep up without having the benefit of the professor explaining the lessons to me in person.


So far, there is nothing about my school I do not like.


I believe it would have to be the money. Every quater the tutition seems to go up and the finical aid doesn't cover it all the way. The loans get higher and higher making the students more likely to go into debt when graducating.


late work policy


Right now the worse thing about my school is not receiving my grades fast enough.