South University, Savannah Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


If I knew it was this easy I would have gone to school along time ago


I wish I would've know the costs in more detail because I need extra aid.


I wish I'd know that the school couldn't really offer as much Financial Aid as it promised.


How to use the online campus and more help getting grants and finnancial help.


The main thing I wish I knew was more about how tough going to college was really going to be.It requires your undivded attention as well as a lot of hard work.


The ridiculous costs of the courses


I did a lot of research before attending this university. I spoke to other students and graduates. I reached out to several other universities and learning institutions to ensure this school was the right fit for me.


That it was going to be hard


I waited 12 years to start and would not change it for the world!


that I was forced into using Sallie Mae for financial aid


I wish I had known how hard it was to try to go to school with kids and working full time while trying to manage bills, loans and a household. It would had been easier to attend school right after high school. I wish I had been smarter financially coming out of high school getting married not putting myself in so much credit card debt and car loans. When I could have put that money into college funds.