South University, Savannah Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love learning at South University


The focus on one's major. Majority of our classes our in our major.


I like that I am online so I have flexibility and independence of learning.


The best thing about my school is it has online classes so I can further my education on my own schedule.


The convience the fact that I live in California and I am able to complete what has taken me 5 years waiting here in California , Online is great.


On hands learning with open door policy. Easy online courses offered.


The best thing about South University is it's online capablity. You see I'm disabled and cann't drive to a campus,and of the online schools I've checked, S.U. best one I found.


I think the best thing about South University is the many education programs they have to offer. Not only do they have alot to offer but so many differtent fields of study to offer. They also have some of the best addmissions advisors. They are not just in it for a check. They really help students get started on their future education. They help students find the best of offers for them weather it be the field of study or help in financing their schooling. They are always making time for their students.


The best thing about my school is that I take my classes online. I have to login at least twice a week and I can do this at my own convience. Although, I'm not on campus, the school provides a great support and tutoring group. But the best thing I love about the school is that you don't have to take exams at the end of the term. Therefore, I take quizzes and write short essays. Also, if you need any assistant at anytime of the day, someone is there to help you 24/7.


I currently attend South University Online and am pursuing my Associates in Allied Health Sciences. The best thing about the program is convenience. It allows me to attend classes on my schedule since I work full time and have two young children.


That the classes are small, that way you could interact with the professors better.


I believe the best thing about my school is the online courses. These courses allow people like me to get a degree from a well known accredited school without going through stress and anxiety that can come from the classroom. Also this allows the student to be free of any bais or social stress that might come from classroom settings. The student in the online classrooms are more willing to help and see if they can get any help from others. This allows the student to be him or herself without worrying about people judging them base off looks.


Relax. There is always tomorrow and your education is something that no one can EVER take away from you.


The constant learning and diversity of courses help to give students the ideal educational experience.