Southeast Arkansas College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Well i would say Kendra old gal ! Wake up! Go to your guidance counselor office and ask about scholarships or grants available to me. Then i would suggest that i need to sit down and really think about what occupation to pursue and stay on course. I would say as for kicking it and partying thats not cool. Because in the future i flunked some classes because i ditched classess and went to the lake front instead. Also i would advise myself to involve my parents in my college life because even though i lived with them they really did'nt know what was going on. Lastly, but the most important advice do not wait til 15 years later to attend college and think it will be easy because its not. Trying to balance work, school , and a family is a heck of a juggling act.


It was only two and a half years ago that I was a High School Senior, and I would be truthfully honest with myself if I ever went back. I would tell myself to not be as focused on my social life and be more focused on school. I moved to Arkansas from Washington state the summer leading into my junior year. I was so focused on trying to make new friends, fitting in and learning the huge cultural differences that my studies truly suffered. By the hair on my chin I was able to be a B average student by graduation and I was perfectly capable of being an A average student. I would tell myself to be fortunate for what I have and use my abilities to the fullest extent. College isn't a game and unless you are fortunate enough to have an unlimited amount of money and time, you need to take it seriously. You will truly regret not experiencing the memories that come with a strong education. Life is an extraordinary adventure and every minute should be enjoyed.