Southeast Community College Area Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I believe SCC is known for having good programs. All the students that have graduated from SCC have gotten great job positions. SCC has great professors. Since it is a smaller college there is more one on one with the teacher and the student. It is also known for having a cheaper tuition compared to other schools here in lincoln.


My school is best know for the size of the classes. There is more time for the instructor to spend with the classmates. I like Southeast Community College because it is a little more laid back than a university. You have a chance to take your classes in class or online. I chose Southeast Community College because it had the best reputation for the class sizes and instructors. So far i have found that the teachers know what they are trying to teach, they know the materials in the book, and they help you if you need help.


My school is best known for it's cheaper tuition, and also it's ratio of teacher's to students, and it's programs it's best known for are: Early Childhood Education, and Automotive classes.