Southeast Missouri State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Middle sized in a small town setting.


Southeast Missouri State University is a wonderful school full of many helpful faculty and staff that strive for your greatness and it also provides a lot of extracurricular activities for students of all different backgrounds.


My school is in between being a small, and large school. The campus is pretty medium-sized, however the location of the school is pretty small. My school is located in Cape Girardeau, MO, which is a pretty small town located in the Midwest; Missouri to be exact. The town is a lot smaller than my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Not everyone at the school is friendly. A lot of people here are pretty rude, immature, and bitter. A person can have such negativity to say about you, and not even know your name, which is crazy, and hateful.


MY school is sophisticated and dedicated to help any student achieve there goals.


Southeast is a school where you can get a good education in small classrooms where you can have a personal relationship with your teachers and succeed.


It is friendly, fun, shchool-spirited area and has great venues for the arts, sports and any other area you can think of.


Southeast Missouri State is a very great school. It's middle sized and has very friendly and helpful professors. The class size is perfect, there are not too many students to where you can't ask questions in class, or get to know your professor. There are many organizations for incoming students to join and many ways to get involved.


Close to home, in more ways than one.


Southeast Missouri State University is a smaller university, but it still has plenty of people and activities to keep me busy and happy.


Every building is easy to find and the professors are very involved in helping the students learn in every way possible.


The university has its up (interesting and entertaining) moments, but overall it is made up of its down moments with no athletics to boost its support in the community.


Southeast Missouri State University is a great school for anyone looking to live the on-campus college of the bigger colleges life but also have the feel of a personal connection with their teachers.


Whenever you need assistance, there is help available; whenever you need a better grade, labs are always open; whenever you need financial aid, there are programs available- SEMO makes students WORK for the things they truly desire.


Southeast Missouri State is a school for academically driven students.


My school is contentedly average.


Fun not alot to do if you don't drink


Overall, the school is wonderful, would not go anywhere else.


My school is liberal, fun, a suitcase campus, and easy.


I like the atmoshpere, people bash the school who attend here but it's all in fun. It's a good school to attend and the programs are fairly tailored to your individual fields.


Southeast Missouri State University is the school that is the most fun in the first 2 years.


My school is a diverse and fun learning environment in which I feel I can succeed in.


SEMO is a wonderful place to get a good education in a beautiful part of the country.


Southeast is a great balance of fun, learning and friendships for life.

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