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This school is a little smaller and way less athletic and party focused. It was also very coost effective, seeing as it's costing me less to go to school and live off campus than it would have cost me to go to school in St. Louis and live with my parents for free. One thing that I really like about this school is how close it is to St. Louis though. The advertising degree is accredited too, and the school I was looking at in St. Louis only had a certificate in advertising.


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Our school has one of the best nursing programs. It is extremely competitive and hands on. It is different from other schools in that it is not large but it is not too small. It is the perfect size and is affordable for the great education recieved.


You've always heard about the Freshman 15? That doesn't exist at Southeast Missouri State. There are so many hills here that more often than not Southeast Missouri State students lose weight.


I chose this school because not only was it affordable. It was also further away than others i was looking at, and being a high schooler i wanted to get out on my own for a while and see what it was like. It also has a very good Nursing program which is my major.


Well we are definitly now known for sports, but SEMO gives a good amount of scholarships to incoming freshemen and first step orientations for people to visits schools is happening all the time.


My school is very unique in that the teacher to student ratio is very good. I have never had a class where there is more them 30 kids. So I have a lot more one on one time with my teachers.


One thing i find unique about my university is that it's actually located in the town i live in. Im not from here originally but i found it great that after having settled in this town, i wouldn't have to move far for college. I've learned to get used to this town and the people in it, that's why i decided to stay here for college. It's also great since i can stay at home with my family who needs my support at times, from all problems we've been through recently.


My college has mostly small sized classes, low end tuition, and a broad range of majors. There is also much diversity in the people.


The things that really drew me to this school was the price, my ability to stay at home and safe money, and the university had the program I was interested in with a minor in another possible field.


I think that the friendships that people form at this school are unique because there are big varieties of friendships that are formed. You see groups of friends that you never thought you would see anywhere else.


Southeast offers a broad range of classes and provide an education that is broad and indepth. They require you to talk certin coures so each student is better prepard for the real world. Also the class sizes are considerably smaller than the other colleges I was considering. Even though the class sizes are smaller the campus is still considerably large. Southeast also is one of the few colleges that has a student aquatic center that has a rock wall and zipline. Southeast is an exciting place to go and is superior to most others.


The most unique thing about Southeast Missouri is the amount of people who are open about their religious views.


SEMO has "high school" sized classes. I love it. Every one of my teachers know my first and last name.


One unique thing about Southeast is the class size. Many of the other schools I looked at had huge lecture halls and I learn better from a more 1 on 1 perspective. The average student to teacher ratio here is 18:1. Every professor I have had has known my name and has really seemed to take an interest in their students' success. I really feel like the professors care about how well their students do in all aspects of their lives.


Uh my school is a family based enviroment that allows to to bulid a bond with a group of complete strangers and help u excel in life socially and academically.


The business program stuck out the most to me. It had the exact major I wanted with the right amount of education requirements. The other schools either did not have my major or did not have my minor. The beautiful, rolling hills of Southeast Missouri State University are uncomparable to any other school i considered.


I did not consider other schools in my college search.


They have a fabulous education program. I liked the small number of students because their is more personal attention.


The uniqe quality of Southeast University, is the undivided attention given by the professors and the small class sizes which allows for easier communication between teacher and student.


The school is in the middle of no where, so no distractions


This school is the closest to my hometown.

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