Southeast Missouri State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Can't really say much but only one who is just meaning to slack off.


Southeast Missouri State is located in an extremely rural area. The University itself is very small, and the class size and town reflects that. If a person who grew up in a heavily populated area and enjoyed the experience came here, they might not like how small the town and school is. A person that wanted to attend a large University in a heavily populated area might not enjoy coming to this University either. I enjoy how small it is, but I’m not sure other’s from different areas would agree with me.


If you need hands on learning or lecture. The RN-BSN program is completely online. Must be organized and self-motivated


The type of person who shouldn't attent this school is someone who doesn't really care about their future. Most students here are coming here for the job that they would like to do in the future. If your just coming here just to come here then I feel like they would be just wasting their money. Other than that I think anyone who wants to come should come.


The type of person that should not attend this school is a uninspired person that has no careers goals for themself.


The only person I believe shouldn't attend this school would be somebody who doesn't have any goals and just wants to sit around with life. You can find anything at my school to catch your attention and expand your learning in new ways and discover more about yourself.


People who shuld not attend this college are students who are looking for small junior colleges or class sizes that areover fifty. Also students who are looking for more competitive athletic teams, since Southeast only competes in the subdivision of division one. Students should not attend this college if they only want to take classes that pretain to their major since Southeast is a liberal education university.


People who are wanting to attend a large school should not attend this school.


This school is nationally ranked for their education program, so anyone wanting to become a teacher should consider SEMO. The campus is set in southern Missouri where the Ozarks are just an hour away. It is a nice area, and only and hour and a half from St. Louis. There is a lot of diversity on campus, and people here seem to be enjoying their time spent in Cape Girardeau.


Someone who does not want to learn.


A person what wants to attend a college that is big and alot of activity. Live in a city that doesnt really cater to the average college. Some that is form a big city.


People that should veer away from this University are those that can not stay focused. If someone is going to school just to party, this is not the place to enroll because it is very easy to be sucked into the party life here and lose track of studies. If a student does not know how to seperate the two, this isn't the place for them. Also, someone who likes a lot of people, should pick something else. This is a small school, and even smaller town.

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