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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


High School Kristin, I want you to know that procrastintion is not the key. Stop putting things off until the last minute, use your time wisely. Get involved with your peers throughout your school years. Make lasting friends and memories that you will never forget. If there is something you have always dreamed of trying, do it. You do not want to live with the 'what ifs' all your life. Take risks in all aspects of your life. You cannot achieve big things unless you take risks. You may fail but you may also succeed. You will never know which one until you try. Count your blessings everyday and never take a moment for granted. Appreciate all the little things in life because they can be taken from you in an instant. Cherish the moments you have with your family and friends even if you do not want to be there. When those people are gone, you will wish you had said or done something much differently before they left this world. Start a budget now! Stop eating out so much and start saving money to pay bills and student loans in the future. Money does not grow on trees.


Plan ahead. Make sure you know exactly what career field you are interested in and want to continue your education in. Plan each semester so that you build a foundation for what will come next. Include any class that could potentially inspire you or provoke thoughts and new views. Always take notes in class even if the teacher states that the information will not be on the test. Get plenty of sleep and don't eat the bean is not real bean soup!!


Seth, I know that college is the next big step in life and you are a little nervous and shy at times, but you have nothing to worry about. Working for your engineering degree will be difficult at times, especially since you will work through college, but its nothing you can not handle. Pursuing this path will be the best choice you make and you will know it soon enough. SEMO has many friendly people and you will hardly ever feel out of place. Plus, SEMO has a beautiful campus and most of the faculty is amazing. Just be confident and try your best to achieve a high GPA while still making time to hang out with your girlfriend and best friends. Life at SEMO turns out to be a lot better than you expect and after three semesters you will be accepted into Missouri S&T just like you planned. Do not worry about going out of your way to make new friends or joining a social club. The classes are small and you will form friendships without even realizing it. Stay determined and understand that the information you learn is most important and the experience is wonderful.


I would tell senior self to branch out more and join clubs, even if I don't know anyone in them because they can be benificial and fun. I would also tell myself to talk to my classmates and make friends with them since I see them in a lot of my classes. I would reassure myself that college is going to be ok and that it's not as scary as I thought it was. Professors are helpful and don't actually want you to fail their classes so they will work with you to help you learn.


If I was able to go back in time and was able to give some nuggets of wisdom to my younger self. I would have to tell him what college to go to right out of highschool. Work harder to make more money and don't blow it all on useless junk. Get in a deeper relationship with God becuase once you get out of your comfort zone religion usually is what takes the back seat. And also try a lot harder in school to get the GPA up. I never knew how important that was until it was too late. But besides that I would tell him keep everything the same and tell him we are going to have an amazing life.


If you know where you want to be in the next five years work backwards. Research what you need to get there and plan your life accordingly. When things don’t go as planned and they never do it is ok. There is always plan B. When you really want something there are no excuses. Do the work; you will be happy you did. On the other hand, it is ok if you don’t know what you are going to do in the next 5 years. Live in the now and enjoy it because it is never too late to get what you want. You are going to make mistakes and that is ok. Learn from them.


There are three things you need to know to make college life easier. One, remember when you were debating between going to Texas A&M University and University of North Texas? In your heart you really wanted to go to UNT, but you decided to go to Texas A&M University because of someone else’s decision. Go with your heart. It makes the college experience that much better. Two, apply for financial aid and as many scholarships as you can. There will be financial troubles in the future. Three, you must get your seizures under control or this will be your first and final semester at a four year university. Be strong. Go with your heart. You can do it.


Since I have been in college, I have become a lot wiser, and mature than I was in high school. If I could travel back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have a lot to say to myself. The first thing being that grades really do matter. You reap more benefits when you keep your grades up. Not only that, but if you would have done a lot better on your ACT that would have helped you as well, because you could have received more money in financial aid. Don't let how others perceive you affect your school work. Sure others may talk about you, but at the end of the day you're at school to learn, and get an edcuation not for people to like you or be your friend. Friends come and go, the quality of your friends is more important than the quantity of friends you have. You never know who can enter your life, and be of a huge blessing to you. I have learned a lot while being away at school, and I feel like I am molding into the person I want to be.


I am a transfer student, and knowing what I know now about the way that my credits have transferred from the community college to the four-year university, I would have advised my senior self to have more communication with advisors from my four year college about how the transferring process actually works. I also would advise my senior self to get involved! Getting involved in clubs and organizations is how I have made most of my friends in college. It's very rare that you meet people who are interested in the same things as you in GenED classes, but joining a special club, you will meet tons of people who like the same things as you! And lastly, I would advise my senoir self to remember that even though college is a fun time, it's about learning. Go to class, do your homework, and study for tests. Remember not to beat yourself up for making mistakes, and always reach out for help when you need it. Every mistake is a chance to learn.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself many things. The first would be dont get distracted you senior year, do the best you could possibly do and reach for the stars. Upon finishing highschool not to mention while your in high school fill out as many scholarships as possible , and if you need help dont be afraid to ask. Learn to be mature and independent before going to college because it is nothing like high school. The teacher isn't there to hold your hand , or might not even care if you do you r homework for that matter. Lastly start researching what ever it is you want to do in life , try to do an internship even if it is free just to get experience to see if you would like it or not. Life is what you make it stay positive and never give up !


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If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self I would have so much advice. Firstly,I would tell myself to take college credit classes in high school because it is cheaper and would put me ahead. I would go back and get a 4.0 in high school so I could have received more scholarships. I would have told myself to apply for scholarships too! I would tell my high school self to take advantage of the time I have left at home and with my friends. I did not realize how much I would miss everyone. I would also tell myself to keep working out and be careful of the freshmen 15 once you get to SEMO. Just because there is a buffet doesn’t mean you need to go back for seconds. I would also tell my high school self to get involved with intermural sports my first semester. I also would tell myself to not pack so much when I was packing for college. Lastly, I would tell myself to stay confident and make friends but realize I can’t forget about all the ones I have at home.


Dear Jen, You're about to go to college and I know you really don't want to leave your group of friends or your family, but you will not regret it. Have fun your senior year but stick to studying hard and making note cards (those will become very helpful) Also, get involved in college. You will like it a lot more. College takes a lot more responsibility so you won't be relying on Mom to wake you up in the morning anymore. It's all on you to get up and get your butt to class so DO NOT SLACK. I know you'll do fine but dont let little things get in your way of becoming something great. You can do it! Sincerely, Older you :)


I would tell myself to be more prepared. I could have tried just a little harder when looking for scholarships. I would tell myself to check out this website because it is very helpful. I wish I had known about it my senior year of highschool


There are many paths in life that you can take and each path will lead you in a different direction. Inside, you know the path you must take; do not sway from it and do not ignore it, for it is the path to your foundation, your willpower, and your intellect. Your faith is your greatest strength, rely upon it in times of doubt and look upon family in times of need. Heed my warnings and absorb my knowledge as it will benefit you greatly in the future.


Do not let any boyfriend stand in the way of continuing your education. Bettering yourself should come first and anyone worthwhile will support that. You have a scholarship now, but if you wait and go back later you will pay out of pocket for your education.


Go to class, pay attention, and take detailed notes. Do that and you'll be just fine.


High school is the perfect place for finding out who your are and senior year is no exception. If anything, now is the time to try everything you've always wanted to do before you graduate, make some mistakes,learn from them and surround yourself with good, honest people who want the best for you. The year is short, so make the most of it because it will never happen again. The freedom of college can be overwhelming, but the same principles apply. Make smart decisions, maker dumb mistakes but most of all learn from everything! And one more thing-there is definitely better cafeteria food in college.


Thinking back to my senior year of high school the thing I would like to change is I wish I would have taken a little bit of harder classes. For my senior year I decided to take easy classes because I didn't know what I wanted to do when I got to college. But then after figuring out what I wanted to do I regreted not taking classes that would of helped me out in college. One last thing is learning how to really study. In high school I never really needed to study but in college you do and I really didn't know how to study which is sad but it was just difficult to figure out what was important and what information wasn't. Those are the things that I would of liked to change when I was in high school.


Going away to college has not been the easiest process for me. Adapting to everything took about a semester. But i think that is part of the experience. Getting away from what your used to is going to be hard. Being away at college is helping me grow up and become my own person. I'm suddenly making my own decisions and having all the freedom I have never had. I think if i would have stayed at home, or close to home, i wouldn't get an experience like I am now, it would be harder for me to force myself to grow up and become an adult. I think being involved and busy is also very valuable. You meet awesome people just like yourself, and they say the friends you meet in college are your friends for the rest of your life. Basically I have learned a lot about my self and become way more responsible and adult like being away at college. I think that is a very valuable experience.


Out of my college experinece at Southeast Missouri State I have gotten many things; I have gained many vaiable aspects of life that will help me in my future and in my career as a Socail Worker. For insatnce, the many classes I have taken that have taught me the many things I need to know to become the Socail Worker I will be. Second, I have gained knowlege to many of life's needed experiences,from the many examples I have been shown in classes of aspects of life I will be handling as a Social Worker.Third, I have gained many lifelong friendships and lifelong socail experiences from attending Southeast Missouri State. Attending Southeast Missouri State has been very valuable because of the above list and many more aspects as growing up to the person I am becoming I will never foget. Thanks to this college I will not only graduate with my BSW, I will graduate with lifelong friendships and socail experiences and I will graduate with the knowlegde and skills I will need to futher my carrer and find a job working as a Socail Worker when I gradaute.


I attended Liberty University, it was not only a educational experience, but a spiritually experience as well. I became a more mature, professional, and independent student because of what Liberty taught me. I truly loved my experience and wish I would have had the oppurtunity to stay longer. Liberty taught me more about having a real relationship with God and that is something that no one else can take away for you! It is an everlasting relationship that has changed my perspective of eternity.


I attended College for two semesters and one intersession, and from that expiriance I have learned that If I wasnt to get through school I will have to take more than two classes a asemster, also, I learned quite a bit about financial aid and how to apply for and go to college as I was always told growing up that when you get to college it doesn't matter if you go to class or not when you get to college, also that the homeowrk doesn't matter. Well, I learned from those first two semesters that homework does matter, and Attendacne does matter becasue all the teachers I had graded those things. So, When I return to school this semester I will be attending all my classes and doing all my homewrok so that I can more fully comprehend the things that my professors are trying to teach me.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is a chance at a good life for my daughter and I. I have so many more doors and opportunities available to me that I never would have had without my education. The main reason it is valuable to attend college is that without it, there is always a limit to what one can achieve. There are always going to be things that cannot be accomplished without going to college. I would never want to put a limit on my success and this is why I have chosen to go to college and believe that everyone should have the chance to go. It is life changing and nothing else can provide a person with more benefits that a college education.


My College experience has been incredibly humbling. I have received the gift of learning how frail and scary the health of an individual can be. College is valuable because I am gaining knowledge on the ways I can improve the health of those sick patients. It is the most flattering gift I feel I can receive. Though it is stressful, I can say I have enjoyed every minute. For example, on my first day of clinical I simply gave my patient a bath and listened to her story. The thing that mesmerizes me the most in nursing is that every single person has a different story to tell. To me, that makes life so sacred. At the end of my clinical day when I was leaving my first patient, she took my hand with tears in her eyes and said, ?I have been here for weeks; you have showed me more kindness in these few hours than anyone else here. Because of you, I feel good.? I will never forget that moment. It solidified my thoughts of choosing to be the best nurse I can become. Knowing that I have bettered one person?s life has made all the difference.


I dont any college experience im trying to better myself for kids


I have gotten so many things out of my college experience this year. I have had the chance to meet brand new people with different backgrounds and personalities. This I have learned to appreciate, for the simple fact that I have lived in a sheltered home my whole life. My parents have basically done everything they can for me. I loved meeting new people and learning their backgrounds and how they lived life. It help me tremendously throughout the year. It has been so valuable to attend college because it is what makes you, you. I am me, because I love to be creative and one of these days my creativity will soon be acknoledged. Someday I hope to be a architect and Interior designer and college is my main goal to complete, to help me get to my dream.


The most influential thing I have gotten from my college experience is maturity. Being away from home and having the freedom to make my own mistakes has helped me to learn more not only about myself but it has helped me learn what things I need to do as an adult. An example of this would be making a budget. Being an ill-prepared college student with no savings was a very bad idea, especially since even though I knew I was broke when I first got to school I still continued to buy things for myself such as shoes. Seeing that I cannot live such a luxurious life in the situation I am in I have been forced to plan where all of my money goes. This is something I will take with me as a life lesson. It is much easier knowing exactly where your money goes if you have a budget.


If I could go back to myself during my senior year in high school knowing what I now know about my college experience, I would definitely say to be prepared for the time of my life. Along with that I would also say be ready to make some of the best friends you will ever find. The girls you will meet in college will most likely be in your wedding and with you for the rest of yoiur life. Beside just having fun in college, you will do some learning too. You will fulfill your life long dream of becoming a teacher, and work with some wonderful and experienced professor in the field. I would have to tell my younger self to be as open minded as possible. This time in our lives isn't something that we want to look back on and cahnge anything, so while we have the chance we need to make the most out of it. Get the best grades possible, meet as many people as possible and go out as much as we can. This is college the time of ourlives.


Knowing what I know now about college and college life, the only real words of advice I would have for myself as a high school senior would be about taking advantage of the great resources your college professors provide. I now wish that I had taken more time to speak with my professors and learn more about what possibilities a person with my majors are open to after college. I just began discovering this my final year here, and now I have been kicking myself for not talking to them more. I just feel that students often don't want to interact with their instructors because its not necessarily "fun" to do, but it is vital to giving yourself a great advantage in the years after college when you can receive so much good advice from people who have been around the block once or twice.


Sophia, Hey girl. College is no joke. You've got to study a lot and you can't procrastinate. As soon as you start to slip you'll fall; trust me I've seen it happen. Save every penny you make because in the long run you're going to need it. College is a great experience and I'm not saying you can't have fun, I'm just saying to watch out because sometimes all that fun comes at a price. Just make sure to keep up on your studies and it'll fly by. It's going to be hard working and trying to go to school, but you can do it. I have faith in you. Try to keep your debt paid off as much as you can and you'll be fine when you graduate. The parking sucks, but you'll make it. Love always, Me


If i was to go back in time and talk to myself about my future college days, i would probably have to tell myself to prepare for financial aid ahead of time. Or atleast find a job that i would be able to keep for a while to help with all costs for college and home. I've learned that college is really expensive. From the books, fees, commuting money that is needed regularly, it can be hard at times. Especially now with the economic crisis that has affected us all. Another thing i would advice myself on is to make sure and have a great senior year with friends and enjoy them while i can, because once in college, you won't have much time to hang out with them. You will have to go to school in the morning and then go to work in the afternoon. I'm now responsible for myself and have to do everything. I no longer get much help from my parents financially since they are both unemployed and I'm currently looking for a job to help them out, as well as myself with my expenses for school and what not.


I would tell myself to not be afriad and to get involved. Talk to people and just relax. Most important save up as much money as possible do not waste any more on trivial things. Also just have fun for the last year of high school.


I would tell myself to take dulenrolement classes and to take the ACT a cuple more times.


If I could turn back time, I would tell myself to prepare financial aid in January. This is a vital part. The less you are worried about finances, the more you can focus on school. I would also tell myself to take the classes that I can for college credit, so I don't have to repeat anything unnecessarily.


Relax. That is the key to making a smooth transition from high school to college. I know that it may be hard to relax when you are thinking of what classes to take, what to major in, and whether or not you and your future roommate will kill each other. Just go out there and be yourself. Sometimes you should put the homework aside and get out there and have some fun. People say college is all about academics and your career...but it is that and so much more! College is a place where you meet some of your best friends and share some of the best memories. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from homework at midnight to go out to Taco Bell with your roommates. Those are the nights you will always remember. So just relax! Everything will turn out ok.


If I knew in my senior year what I know now, I would tell myself to be more prepared. I would not only have to be prepared for the emotional transition, being away from my family and friends, but also be prepared for the responsibilities that come with campus life. In high school classes met every day to discuss the course, but in college the classes may meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or Tuesday and Thursday. Between those days I am responible for doing homework, on my own, without my mom telling me to get it done. I am also responsible for doing my own laundry, dishes, and cooking. The biggest responsibility is getting up in the morning and actually going to class. If I don't teach myself to do that, then college will not work out for me at all.


The main advice I would give myself is to not be fearful and to just go for what I wanted. To not be afraid to go to my number one university, even though the cost was high, because there are things to help with the cost of the university and I would be a lot happier. I would also make sure to tell myself to be more involved with activities, to get out and be adventurous in meeting new people and to not fall back on my shy and old ways.


I would tell myself to take it one day at a time and not overwhelm myself. You realize you have a lot more time than you think to get things done and to do a good job on them instead of worrying about other things or trying to make time for everything. There's no rush. Take life slow and see it for what it is and enjoy it.


When I was a senior in high school I decided I wanted to take a year off after high school before going to college. If I knew then what I know now, I would have told myself don't take time off. That one year break I wanted to take turned into four years and a baby. I would tell myself to just go and don't wait. Taking the time off really hurt me when I actually did return to school. There was a lot of things that I had to re-learn. If I would have just gone to college right after high school, I think it would have been much easier for me. I would also tell my high school self that college really isn't as hard and scary as it seems. It is a lot of work but it is very much worth it.


I would tell myself to not bring everything that I own my Freshman year of college. Most of the stuff in my dorm room that I brought I never used and it just sat in my room the whole year. When I was getting ready to come back home there was a lot of stuff that had to go back with me. I would just take the time and figure what exactly I really truly needed for college and only bring that.


If I could go back an give myself advice on what to do to better prepare myself for college life I would tell myself a couple of things. First I would say try everything. From voulenteer groups to certain organizations, from greek life to athletics. Also make sure you attend all of the first year activities. Plus do not be afraid to go and meet new people because thats what college is for is to make new friends and meet new people. Also make sure you meet all the deadlines for everything because there is no flexability in college. Other than that college has been pretty succesful and fun.


Cory, Choosing the best college for you should be a well thought out process. The earlier you start to think about your collegiate future, the better. I know that you are looking to continue playing sports at the college level so this process is even more important for you. I know that you want to go to a school with a well known sports program but my advice is to not overlook anyone that is offering you money. Apply for FAFSA as well. This gives you a better chance to receive financial help. Keep up the good work!


Take your time when choosing your college.Do not let anyone force you into your decision,and always talk with people that have already attended the school you are interested in.Visit the school more than once to get an honest opion.


I would give advice that College life is nothing like high school at all. The teachers really do not care if your in class or not they get paid either way.


I would tell myself to concentrate on getting into better shape and getting stronger. I would also have myself be more outgoing and get involved in more things other than sports. I think I would do some more community service as well. I would tell myself not to concentrate on having a girlfriend so much. Also, I would tell myself to be more independent from my parents and to try to work as much as I could. I would make myself concentrate on my grades more and take more courses for college credit, as many as I could. This would allow me for a little more free time in college and more flexability in my schedule. A big key for yourself is to figure out what you are going to try to accomplish. Once you figure this out, college becomes a whole lot easier and more fun.


If I had to do it all over, I would undoubtedly encourage myself to continue to work hard and remain optimistic. While working as a full time restaurant manager and a full time student, I have found myself easily becoming discouraging during difficult times. However, it is important that I remain optimistic and positive about my life as it stands. It is the life that God has given me and my parents are assisting me through.


I would advise myself to be more open when I first got to campus. I was a shy student and was afraid to branch out. Now I have more confidence and am willing to make more friends.


dont be afraid to ask questions. All upperclassmen have been in the same situation you are now, and most had the same questions. No one is going to judge you for not knowing everything about college right away, that would be weird if you didnt have any questions. So ask questions.


Don't worry about the high school drama. College is a totally different playing field. The pety girl fights and stupid boys won't compare to the real lasting friendships that you will make in college. Forget the boys, you'll find your dream guy, no man, in college and the highschool boys will seem so silly. Take some more A/P classes to get more college credit. Paying $75 for a test for 3 credit hours is way better that $300-$500. Keep that in mind. Enjoy highschool, but really... college will be the time of your life. Oh yeah, and take as many math classes in high school as possible and make sure you are good at typing papers!

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