Southeastern Bible College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing may be is the non-existent on campus cafateria. Students must go out to eat or stock a mini fridge and cook on one electric eye burner that does not work very well. Plus, each student must have their own dishes, pots, pans etc... Students have gained weight for lack of kitchen resources and lack of money to eat well, resulting in dollar menu at fast food chains. Too much time is taken in finding a ride, most don't drive and health is wasted away in eating fast food. Its inconvenient and unhealthy.


The worst thing about Southeastern Bible is the way they make you pay for any and evertyhing they can get you to. Despite the fact that I pay over $11,000 per semester to attend. To them it doesn't matter if it was a school function or a freak accident, you still have to pay.

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