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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?




The first day I walked into orientation, I was a baby Christian. As I sat in the back corner, eyes wide open, I realized there is so much more to life, the speaker, with hands raised he is praying over the student body. At that moment, I truly saw the goodness and mercy of God. In partnering with the student body, and finding my personal counselor, I succeeded at life, I then knew I could walk through life and not become burned. The student body, my counselor, the classes, the proffessors, and my education all became a realization to me that I can find confidence in being a part of this world and to be able to give back whats been given to me-life, and life more abundantly. As of today I have been given the confidence and found a reason to live! I have been given so much and have decided when I graduate to be a life long missionaries to China. SEBC and my personal experience has given me an identity through Jesus Christ, tought me who I am and what my purpose is in life, to serve God's people with a passion and a purpose


Upon first arriving at Southeastern Bible College, the fear was all to real for me. Fear of the unknown because I had never been to college, and fear that I would be unable to reach my full potential and calling. My Freshman year, I soon learned the professors and students are not your enemies like I was originally taught in high school. They were there to help me find my purpose and then fulfill it. They all desired to see me succeed and offered encouragment the entire way through. By always having an "open door poilicy," I was able to go to them and get help any time I needed it. God has used them in a special way in my life to minister to me like no one else ever has. Of course there have been rough times, but as soon as it got tough and I wanted to quit, the leaders of that school stepped up and were there for me. It has been so valuable to attend because I have been able to use and apply what has been taught in the classroom to my everyday life. I absolutley can't wait to resume back next semester.


By attending Southeastern Bible College, not only have I grown deeper in God's word, but God has built my character tremendously through the many challenges I have faced while being there. Not only has my faith been tested in many different elements and through many things revealed, but God has deeped my faith and made me more confident in His word and in His promises. I feel that through Southeastern, I am more confident in being the disciple God has called me to be and I am more confident in sharing Christ with others through the Evangelism experience that I have received through the many class projects that I have done while I have been attending. It has not only been a blessing to have been provided the opportunity to attend Southeastern, but to have also gained newly found knowledge from all of the professors who have invested so much time into the students, as well as, their own studies in God's word.


I have learned a lot from my college experience here at Southeastern Bible college so far. I've learned how to become biblically grounded, spiritually mature, and culturally relevant.


Dear Self, Here you stand on the brink of change and you are scared out of your mind. Breathe; deep, long soothing breaths. Take it all in for as long as you can. Take the time to kiss your mom and tell her you love her, play with your siblings, hug your dad, and figure out what you think and believe. This change is going to be tough and at times you will cry because it is so overwhelming, but hold your head up, keep a smile on your face, and be honest about how you feel. By doing this you will make friends who you can depend on no matter what and figure out who you are in the process. Have fun, let your school work challenge you to think, love to learn and learn to love. Be true to yourself and God. And most importantly, trust and hope. Trust and hope that things will work out when they seem bleak, trust and hope that God will show you what to do when it seems so dark, and trust and hope in people, but more importantly yourself and what God has called you to do. Love, Self


If I could go back in time, I would advice my self to make sure if college is what I want and if so to be committed to this challenging world that I am about to enter. I would advice myself that college life is not a world of partying, studying when you feel like it or coming to class when you decide you want to, college is your future, how you value your college education makes a big statement about how you value your future. I would advice myself that when you enter into college you enter into a world of responsibilities and that time is a very valuable tool and how you use this tool called time makes all the difference in the world. (1). Do not overload yourself with registering for to many classes, (2) Prioritize the classes that you are going to take, (2) Get a study plan together and stick to it, (3). Pay attention and take notes, (4). Ask your professor for help if you don't understand and learn to say NO to your friends when there is know time.

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