Southeastern Louisiana University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the students. It seems entirely too fraternity/sorority based creating a highly judgemental vibe throughout. Personally, I hate walking around and doing things on campus because I feel so judged just for not being affiliated in their group.


The worst thing about Southeastern Louisiana University is the limited amount of degree programs. They offer a wide variety of standard degree programs, but are limited in specific interests.


I consider the worst thing about SELU to be the limited amount of dorm space, though they are expanding new dorm halls to alleiviate that probelms. It's a problem because many students can use scholarships to pay for dorms but instead are forced to get a job that takes away from school just to get an appartment or other form of housing.


It is hard to find faults with southeastern. The tution is affordable, school maintnance is kept up, student to teacher ratio is great. There is always a worst to anything though. Southeastern is kind of out there from any large city or metro area, and they do not offer some of the classes a larger university offers. Classes such as jogging, archery, water polo nothing major just minor classes that I enjoyed at a larger Baton Rouge college.


The worst thing about SELU is that it is one of the fastest growing schools in Louisiana and maybe USA. I find that the employees of the university seem to be overwhelmed and can sometimes present themselves as being annoyed with any questions that come their way.


Very little school spirit, people choose to walk around wearing other colleges and supporting those colleges instead their own.


The financial aid office is horrible. They tend to misplace information, data, and some students even lose some or all of their aid due to the studipity of the office.


I believe the worst thing about my school is the strict financial aid requirements which keeps me from qualifing


Parking can be rediculous at times


I personally had a hard time answering this question because i truly enjoyed my time at Southeastern. If I could pick one thing it would be that the school is in a fairly small town. I grew up in a big city so this was an adjustment I had to make but it certainly had its benefits....less traffic, ability to form closer friendships, not having to drive very far to get anywhere etc.


There really is not anything bad enough about the school that needs to be known.


The administration is horrible. They don't seem to care about you as a student and everyone has a different answer for questions. Students are informed of changes. I find they sneak new policies in to cause the students to spend more money in some way.


We definitely need more parking, and maybe make the campus a bit bigger.


The worst thing about my school would be scheduling classes. If you are not able to schedule your classes on the first or second day of scheduling, you are not going to get a good schedule at all. Classes fill up way to fast. Southeastern is growing faster than they can handle.