Southeastern Louisiana University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?




I feel the stereotype of students at this university is little rich kids that mommy and daddy pay their tuition. This stereotype is not accurate because many of the students here are non-traditional students trying to make better lives for their families.


One stereotype that I hear about the students at my school is that we are all underachievers, which is absolutely false. Another stereotype I often hear about our school in general is that it is just a dumping ground for transfer students from larger schools who didn't quite meet the high standards of said school (hence all the underachievers). While we do have a lot of students that transferred from larger schools, the term "dumping ground" could not be farther from the truth. The transfer students that I've met have all told me that they enjoy the community environment that you don't really feel when you're in a classroom with 100+ people. They also seemed more than able to excel in their chosen field of study. If anything, our school is more like a stepping stone than a dumping ground. A lot of our students return to pursue Graduate and Doctoral degrees. There are students who will get those degrees from larger schools, but that usually only happens if the degree is something obscure and not offered here, like a PhD in Dog Whispering or something ( I don't believe any school has that degree program, but you get my point).


The stereotype of students at my school is about the credential dispute are getting graduate. I agree my school is not big as other schools are , but we are good as other school are. The students transfer after finishing their diploma to other big schools, just to graduate from a big school and find jobs easily. In my view , if a student is talented and know one has potential to cover this world then a name of a school does not matter one's career like Bill Gates; he never went to school, but he is still among world's richest man . Its your potential what matters.