Southeastern Oklahoma State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


We are the Savage Storm Buffaloes!


The atmosphere around campus is what I love most. Everyone is really friendly and willing to help. Tutoring is offered in many of the buildings, and everyone is always very helpful.


I brag most about the size of my school. Because my school is not very big and the campus is small so I dont have to do much walking like some of my other friends who go to bigger schools. Also I love being in a small school because the classes are small enough where there is a good learning environment. You really get to know your teachers here and they get to know you.


That without this university I may have not made some of the best friends for life that I now have.


That it is not to hard but, it is challenging enough that you can get through it.


I don't brag about my school.


That it's just like living in a community with all your friends


I tell friends that my school isn't too big and it isn't too small. You see the same people most everyday but you still see people you've never met before as well. The campus is very comfortable and feels like home!