Southeastern Oklahoma State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Southeastern Oklahoma State University?


This school is for everyone.


Students who are incapable of getting along with others based on race, sexuality, or religion of others. All students appear to be welcomed here; My room-mate, for instance, is originally from Taiwan.


A person who is only attending school because mommy and daddy want them to. if your not serious and not willing to work for something honestly in life don't come here. all you are going to do is drag down people who really want to be something.


Anyone who is easily offended by Christian influence shouldn't attend this school. Anyone who also does not take their work seriously should not attend this school. Anyone who has a drinking problem shouldn't attend this school.


A person seeking the college life you see in movies. Yeah, sure, it's college, but it's not Baylor, or OU. It's a rather small campus, but has just enough people to have parties with.