Southeastern Oklahoma State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My favorite aspect of SOSU is the number of students to professors. It seems to make our class more comfortable in discussions and also the professor is more approachable with less students taking up his/her time after class. The professor is also able to seek out the students who have less or more understanding of the class material and provide their assistance where is most needed.


The community. There is a strong religious influence on campus, and good people you can talk to.


The best thing at my school is the teachers, staff and administration. All of the teachers really love their jobs here, and it shows n their teaching styles. It is always times in my classes where my professors would engage in conversations with their students about their subjects. With the knowledge they have and the passion the exert when they speak lets me know I'm in good hands.There is always going to be times when you see the president of the school out at functions and he's really easy to talk .


They offer great help to returning students.


The school I attend to has a well suited learning environment.


The best thing about my school is that we are close knit community that encourages each others personal success. Our teachers really care about each individual student and wants all of us to succeed. We have small classe sizes which makes it easy to communicate with other students about problems or questions about homework. The resident halls have amazing leaders that will help with any issues from small problems with roommates to maintenance issues. There are great programs for incoming freshman to participate in that will help them all the way through school.


It is just my size. Not too big or too small. Everybody is really nice and always willing to help out when you're in a jam.


Compared to the last school I was at, they have their system down very well. The admissions, financial aid, and registration proceedures are so easy that you don't have to worry about anything but doing well in your classes.


The small classes that provide a one one one experience for students and professors.


The campus is small so you get more attention. The school is also one of the most affordable schools.