Southeastern University (DC) Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


You will graduate from college, start working and paying bills which piles up quickly. You must become a meticulous steward of managing your career, education, finances, name and reputation. Although you’re not pretty, some women will become envious because you possess rare treasures: you have confidence, style and grace seen in your walk and the way you listen to people talk; you draw people in and they give you things, tell you their secrets and are loyal to you; also, men like your little quirks doing for you without asking for anything in return. These are things even the most beautiful will hate you for. If you waste your youth sowing wild oats with reckless people you will miss marriage, educating your children and being a grandmother. These things you will one day want in life and cannot get back. Lastly, not everyone who helps you is your friend and not everyone who doesn’t gravitate towards you is your enemy. Discerning quickly who is your ally or threat to your blessings and favor is very important because you cannot go far without people. Yet, people can hold you back. If you win here, you are definitely a winner.