Southeastern University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


B E A utiful, teachers are there and you get a feeling of I can do this.


Southeastern University is a vibrant, spiritual, and friendly community in which the students grow in character and intellect.


Southeastern University is a christian based school that is great with founding friendships and a faith.


Southeastern is where people not only care about you spritually but academically as well.


An outstanding reputable university that offers many opportunities to the student who is ready to pursue their education for their career choice.


Its a place to learn and not play.


Faith based, christ centered, private chirstian university.


My school is a place that encourages challenge, growth, community awareness and outreach, and servant- leadership! Southeastern is a place that cultivates change, depicts the meaning of serving others, and captures the students with the warm enviornment. Southeastern is the a place that has changed my life, and saved it; I found my purpose and passion here!


My school is a private Christian University, where I can further my education in my career choice and by faith.


An interesting motely of both liberal and democrat, but all of these people have one thing in common, a common minded view of the world outside their doorstep, and it's not a positive one.


SEU is a Christ-centered University that strives to learn.


i am transfering to southeastern university, this school is a strong christain church that has a very good community.


Southeastern University is a Christian university located in the suburbs of Orlando, FL. SEU excels in offering great academics along with a clean, friendly atmosphere. Socially it is very acceptable and you make lots of friends. SEU pushes you to excel in every area of your life: spiritually, physically, philosophically, and emotionally. There is not much to do around the area because of the lack of attractions, however, you can travel to various cities to have a more fun life.


Lincoln University is a fun, diverse, multi-faceted school with a content amount of staff that show concern for their student's education.


southeastern university is a friendly, uplifting enviorment and has amazing oppertunities!


A school that truly cares about a students past present and future.


Southeastern University is a God-fearing campus that believes in the power of God, and that he wants us as people to succeed in everything that we do; including a wonderful college experience.


A friendly school which allows students to grow closer to God


It is a very Christ centered school that has a lot of friendly christian students.


My school is a conglomeration of religious passion and misplaced zealotry.


Southeastern University is a school that focuses on spiritual growth and maturity. Academics are a big part, with it being a liberal arts college, however more emphasis is on spiritual health and connection with God. However, if there were more applicants, and a more competitive acceptance, the academic standard would probably rise. It is also a school that encourages interpersonal relationships, as well as giving back, and serving as a means to love the world we live in.


A Christ centered environment where students can grow in spirit, mind, creativity, productiveness, and physically.


Southeastern is a culturally diverse university, whose main focus is to prepare students spiritually, as well as academically in certain degrees of study.


Southeastern University is a Christ-centered school where you can develop in every way as a person.


A dynamic, spiritfilled community of students who are preparing themselves for life and ministry.


At Southeastern, it's not just about getting a degree- it's about getting a life.

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