Southeastern University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Southeastern is best known for its spiritual environment, friendly community, and ministry department. However, Southeastern University is growing in types of degrees offered which is gaining notice from the community.


My school is best known as being a private christian college that is big on forming relationships with fellow students and professors and God.


Being a dynamic Christian University.


My advice about SEU is it is a great school and if you love christian based learning then SEU is the school for you. The atmosphere is great and the advisors and admission counselors are amazing!! They are very helpful!! I can not wait to start my first semester there!


Southeastern is a beautiful school that wants to help you grow in your walk with God. They care about your spiritual, social, adademic, mental, and emotional growth. They have many connections to people in the area who look to hire SEU students. They faculty and staff truly love and care for the students. If you want to grow in your walk with God while studying, come to Southeastern!


Southeastern University is best known for its athletic department. Experienced coaches and dedicated players make the program what it is today. They work together with dedication and endurance to do their best in the game.


Southeastern is best known for the overall quality education that its students receive, and for its community christian environment.


Having school spirit and basketball. We are also known for having the most students married before they reach graduation.


Southeastern is best known for being a Christ-centered environment with an strong emphasis on creating a true love of learning, unique in its Christian perspective.


SEU is best known for it's reputation as a Christian school and for it's beautful campus. However, in my case, the Music Department is left untouched and extremely out-dated.


My school is known for its behaved students


Southeastern University is best known for being the friendliest, and perhaps most alcohol-free, campus in Florida. Period. The school is filled with observant christians who maintain an overall conservative worldview on life. Respect for rules and authority is held to a standard. Southeastern is the school you go to to be encouraged and reminded that you are exceptional. This is reinforced with the daily praise and cheeriness of the school's faculty and staff. There is a lot of schoolwork but the teachers are known for being understanding. This school is awesome!


Molding servant leaders and world changers.


We have an extensive music department and a great theater/drama department. To the college of education is very well developed and they prepare you for the working field. The college is also known for their religion department and the fun chapels and Fire Fall, revival that we have in the middle of the fall term. We also have a great boys basketball team and our soccer teams are also very good!


Dr. Mark Rutland. Our president is very loving and intelligent. He will assist any student when face with the opportunity. He pours into the staff and the students academically and intellectually. He is a compassionate, serving man who has help Southeastern grow to its current full potential.


Southeastern is known for equipping their students for careers that will impact the world. The College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business and Legal Studies, the College of Christian Ministries and Religion, and the College of Education not only can equip you professionally, but also help you to see academic and professional subjects in the light of your Christian faith. Southeastern University provides students with so many great opportunities to impact the world in various career professions.

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